August 2016 Goals Recap


At the beginning of the month, I wrote about my August goals. Let’s see how I did!

How'd I do last month (3)
1. Run

I did not run as much as I have wanted. The first two weeks of the month, I followed my training plan pretty closely. However… the second half of the month, my running went haywire as I doubled my hours at work. Someone teach me how they handle it all! I had zero energy after work and just could not bring myself to running.

2. Find one fun race to do

I totally tried to followed through with this! I wanted to go to Mud Hero but I woke up sick and had to bail.

3. Lifting/Strengthening

Soooooo I didn’t hit the weights at GoodLife Fitness as often as I should have. It was difficult trying to fit it all into my schedule so when I did have time at to go to the gym, it was mainly for the treadmill.

4. Stay hydrated

If you haven’t saw, I did a 7 day hydration challenge! I managed to drink 3-4L of water a day mainly thanks to SodaStream. If you haven’t seen it, I wrote about it here and I’m also giving away a SodaStream Power for one lucky reader.

So 2/4 goals met. That isn’t exactly my best month but sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some.

QOTD: Did you reach all your goals this month?

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17 thoughts on “August 2016 Goals Recap

  1. Unfortunately I didn’t hit all of my goals this month, but I did manage to make more time for myself, which was necessary. Next month I’ll be doing a major reset, so I’m hoping to hit more goals then!

  2. I totally understand your pain in following through with the hydration challenge. Drinking soda water definitely helps though.

    Hopefully this month you’ll be on top of all your fitness goals. The run you missed out on because you were sick sounds like it would have been fun! 🙂

  3. Gosh doesn’t life just get in the way!!!??? I love this, Carmy I need to get my goals together and post each month! Taking it in bits is sure better than the whole year!

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