Carry On Necessities

Here are the products that I use or have used and love for traveling. Due to the Amazon affiliate html, you might have to turn off Ad Blockers to see the product if you are running it. Thanks again for your continuous support on making this blog possible.

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These 2XU socks are used for both running and travelling. Perfect for helping keep my legs feeling fresh with long plane rides (or if I spent all day walking).I love this scarf! There are over 10 ways to wear this from a circle scarf to a cardigan to a blanket! Its Rulu material is thick and soft, perfect for a snuggling up to for a nap while travelling. I'm never far without my iPod and sometimes I just want to zone out, especially on long plane rides where I cannot escape certain noises.
Sometimes the best ideas come to me while I'm just zoning out on the plane. Or I'll have places want to visit/have to do that I'll forget about once I get off. While I can use my phone's notepad, I much prefer a physical notebook.