December 2016 Goals

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Monthly Goals with Ange and Carmy

December, I just can’t! It cannot be the end of 2016! I have so much I need to do before 2017. Eek. I don’t even know to end the year off so let’s figure out if I hit my goals last month and plan out my goals this month.

How'd I do last month (3)

1. Take 10 000 steps a day.

Yes! I managed to take a minimum 10K steps a day and doubled it while on vacation I managed to double it to 20K!

2. Work on sleeping 8 hours a night


3. Lifting/Strengthening

Did I go to GoodLife Fitness 2 times a week? Yep!

4. Work on freelancing

Yep! Got some freelance leads that I’m excited to work on!

And Now This Month... 2

1. Run 3 times a week

Going to try and run 3 times a week – I’m pretty sure I’m done traveling for 2016 so I can run consistently again!

2. Do not eat 1000x during the holiday season

Um after Montreal, Lisbon, and then Orlando – I’ve put on some weight and I need to not go off the rails this holiday! Remind me not to eat 5 helpings of pie please.

3. Lift 3x a week

After going 2x a week successfully, I think I can push it back to 3x a week now! Time to make GoodLife Fitness my home away from home again!

QOTD: What are your goals this month?


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Monthly Goals with Ange and Carmy

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6 thoughts on “December 2016 Goals

  1. Wait your 2nd goal is to not eat?! Just kidding – something must have gotten lost. You have really been crushing your goals. That is amazing. I’ve taken a pass on goals this year with a new baby. I guess the goal is to keep him alive. Lol

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