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Feburary 2017 Goals

Monthly Goals with Ange and Carmy

Guys. It’s month two of 2017. How is it month two?! WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?!

And Now This Month... 2

1. Run 3 times a week

Yes, I’m trying this AGAIN. I’ve been doing most of my workouts Thursday-Sunday recently due to my schedule but over the weekend/last week, we were prepping for Chinese New Year and there’s a tradition where we are to not wash our hair until a certain day. I’m lucky that my hair doesn’t get oily and that the top knot is my best friend when it does but I wash my hair after every workout so that meant no working out for the week. So in other words, I did not get my 3 runs in last week and I need to work on this goal again this month.

2. Work on my budget

I’ve been blowing my budget on food recently with the celebrations for regular new year and Chinese new year so for this month, I want to sit down and actually look at what I’m making and what I’m spending. Freelance struggles means what I’m making every month is slightly different plus I have to put money aside (which I haven’t) for tax season. Thank goodness I have Ange in my life because she made this website to help Canadian bloggers with accounting questions.

3. Lift 3x a week

Similar to #1, I had to skip the gym! However, I do plan on going back to GoodLife Fitness three times a week again. However, recently I was gifted by Sport Chek these awesome ankle weights. They are perfect for if I’m unable to make it to the gym and want to do some work at home. My physio requires a resistance band that I substitute with the cable machine because I’ve found that just the resistance band itself isn’t cutting it for me anymore after a couple months. But now, I can still get the same burn at home by combining the resistance band with the Nike Ankle Weights.

QOTD: What are your goals this month?


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Monthly Goals with Ange and Carmy

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7 thoughts on “Feburary 2017 Goals

  1. I appreciate and can sympathize with your budgeting goal. December is always such an expensive month, especially since its also little man’s birthday month. It makes for quite a shock on the financial accounts at the beginning of the year.

  2. I am lucky in that I make the same amount of money each month, which makes budgeting super easy.

    Have you ever tried budgeting based off what you made the month prior? So you would design your February budget based off of your January income? If not, may be a beneficial change. 🙂 Food for thought.

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