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Try it Tuesday: #HereToCreate with Adidas Canada

Last week I was invited to attend a special launch event for media put on by Adidas called #HereToCreate. #HereToCreate is a five month weekly training series led by trainer, Julian Ho that is designed specifically for women to embrace creativity, to tackle challenges, defy conventions, express themselves, and fuel experimentation all in the name of sport.

#HereToCreate with Adidas Canada

So what did we do? We did the Athleticon work out. Athleticon is Athletic Conditioning to rhythm and tempo. Athleticon fuses sports conditioning with timing. Physiologically, the aim is to stimulate EPOC, the Afterburn Effect, for maximal fat burn.

#HereToCreate with Adidas

After we warmed up, we did dumbbell split jerks, dumbbell renegade rows & cross, push up variations, dumbbell piston rows, and thruster challenge before taking a break.

#HereToCreate with Adidas

The break really could not have come sooner too. At this point, I was dripping with sweat. Like dripping off my face and onto the floor, drenched with sweat. And before I knew it, the break was over and we went back to working out.

#HereToCreate with Adidas

We moved onto sandbag slams and swivel, lateral drills, boxer combo, rower lunges, sandbag rainbow slams (I really thought I was going to die at this point, I really did), and then sandbag karate chops.

#HereToCreate with Adidas

Overall, I really enjoyed the class. The class was high energy with Julian jumping around, motivating each and every one of us, pushing us to do our best, and encouragement all around.

#HereToCreate with Adidas

Each class opens up the week before and you can sign up at – there are limited spots and you can see before each class what type of class it’ll be. I really like the fact that each class is going to be a different class so you don’t do the same workout twice with is something that tends to turn me off group fitness classes. There doesn’t seem like there will be a dull moment in these classes – especially with Julian.

#HereToCreate with Adidas

I personally enjoyed the class – it was a gorgeous gym, boutique style, located right at King and Spadina so it is easy to get to via public transit.

#HereToCreate with Adidas

Oh and did I mention that it’s free? Yup. It’s free. So take advantage of these free classes while you can! Remember, we’re all #HereToCreate!

QOTD: Do you go to group fitness classes?


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#HereToCreate with Adidas

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