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May Goals

this month's goals


I cannot believe it’s May! Do I say that every month? Haha! Time flies doesn’t it?

How'd I do last month (3)

Last month I had gotten my blood work results back and it said I was low on B12 and iron. I said I’d try to get those up so how’d I do? I’m not sure! I haven’t gotten to the doctor but I’ve been eating an iron pill a day and 2 B12 (low dose) pills.  I have become less sluggish so I think I’m on the right track!

I also mentioned my weight last month… that was a little tricky. With my exams, I actually gained 5lbs! I was horrified when I stepped on the scale! Two weeks of take out does that to you… However, I did end up losing the 5lbs so I’m back to 135lbs so does that count as weight loss? I think so 😉 Also, I’m happy to say that my junk food intake has decreased! I mean, I did eat some but a lot less than the months before!

And Now This Month... 2

I plan on continuing to try and lose weight. In the past, my relationship with weight loss has been … very unpleasant – I obsessively tracked my calories, dropped weight extremely quickly, broke down a lot, etc. So I’m/I’ve been taking a different approach. I don’t track/haven’t tracked my calories intake.  My plan in to just continue to replace my junk food snacking with fruits and try to decrease the amount of take out that I eat by cooking my own meals.

In addition, I plan on increasing my mileage (slowly!!) this month.  My shins were in pretty bad shape last month but I upped my strengthening and hit the trails instead of pavement and they’ve been feeling pretty good. I’m hoping to spend extra time in the trails in order to be able to run more without my shins hurting.

Finally, my last goal is to continue strengthening! Gotta make sure I get to the start line injury free!

So what are your goals this month?


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18 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. May is all about recovery for me. I’ve trained really hard this spring and I’m feeling it. So I have 2 weeks off running–I’ll be doing some cross training and yoga the next 2 weeks. I’m working on that goal of avoiding injury.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…DreamsMy Profile

    • yes! tracking it is so difficult. especially when you’re eating ethnic food – I have NO idea what’s in what I’m eating half of the time nor do I know the English name for it so tracking stuff is way too complicated

  2. Ah weight is tricky- I have the same issue. I need to lose a few lbs as well, but it’s hard not to get obsessive or find a way to track every little thing. I use MyFitnessPal to track, but am trying to focus more on whole foods and fruits/veggies like you.
    I have a goal to do more strength training too! I used to consistently go to Body Pump (because I hate doing strength by myself), but haven’t been in months. I actually went for the first time last week, and want to keep at it 🙂
    Amber recently posted…Race Report – The Boston MarathonMy Profile

    • I used to use MFP and I started slipping back into dangerous old habits. It felt way too good to be in the negative and I don’t want to have to go through that again. I usually do strengthening by myself because I don’t want others to see me struggle LOL!

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