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Thinking out loud #18

 Think out Loud Thursdays hosted by lovely Running with Spoons!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a thinking out loud link up and well, I miss it! Monday was Thanksgiving for Canada so I took a break from Monday on the Run and am here for a Thursday post instead. So I’m a little rusty at this so let’s get started:

1.  Thanksgiving was a blast! I managed to go out for a quick 5.5k run before noon and came home to soup, cheesecake, and a few hours later, turkey!

5.5 thanksgiving KMs in my new kicks. Happy thanksgiving my Canadian run buds ???

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2. Race day is quickly approaching! Pretty nervous about it as I’m undertrained but with a few days to go, there’s nothing else I can do. I’m quite excited to meet my online run buds from outside of Toronto at the race though!


3. I lied, I can totally do something. I’m going to try to attend a yoga session at GoodLife Fitness this evening to keep everything loose before the race. This will be my first group fitness class since I’ve joined GoodLife Fitness and I’m quite excited to go!

4. I’m totally missing summer! Fall came way too quickly! In a blink of an eye, the trees went from green to orange. I don’t mind too much as it means I can break out my sweatpants and leave them on til spring but I’ll miss gym shorts and skirts!

So tell me, are you missing summer? Did you celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving/are you excited for American Thanksgiving? Have you tried a GoodLife Fitness fitness class before? Have a happy Thursday! 

<3 Carmy

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14 thoughts on “Thinking out loud #18

  1. I’m not missing summer too much. The weather here has been mild – somewhere between summer and fall – so it’s perfect! I always find it so interesting Canada has a separate Thanksgiving from America.

  2. Yes, I absolutely miss summer already! I already have to wear layers if I run in the morning in Calgary, so I miss tanks and shorts and can’t believe I won’t wear them till probably June here hahaha
    ps. Good luck this weekend! Have so much fun!!
    pps. That blueberry thing looks so damn good. 🙂

  3. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I celebrated with my family on Sunday night after a 20k was a great way to refuel 😉 And while I am missing shorts, I’m not really missing summer! I love fall – it’s so pretty!

  4. I always miss summer, always. I like fall but it just means winter weather is coming soon and I despise winter! I don’t know how you do it. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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