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TOL #22

Think out Loud Thursdays hosted by lovely Running with Spoons!

1. I’m excited to announce that I’m a campus brand ambassador for The Nike Women’s Run!


2. I’ve convinced my non running friends to sign up and I am SO excited because I freaking love running and want to share that love.

3. Is Spring here?! I ran gloveless yesterday! GLOVELESS! And in non fleece tights! I was so happy!


4. Any ladies find during around your period to be difficult? My heart rate was 181 yesterday on my run at 6:00 pace! That’s crazy!

5. Classpass is in Toronto now! Super bummed I missed the launch because I had to work but I’m looking forward to the next event. For a limited time, they’re offering Toronto users unlimited classes for $89 a month!

 ClassPass International-1

<3 Carmy


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8 thoughts on “TOL #22

  1. All fun things! Congrats on the Nike race and have so much fun with class pass! We are still gloved here in the morning, but I’m hoping that I won’t have to be after this weekend.

  2. It’s crazy how nice our weather has been! I keep worrying that Mother Nature is gonna laugh and dump snow on us in April, but so far so good! and girl… -everything- is more difficult with a period. I definitely find myself having to take it easy with my workouts during that time of the month because I’m way more prone to feeling lightheaded and tired.

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