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TOL #23

Think out Loud Thursdays hosted by lovely Running with Spoons!

1. Oh. My. God.  Maroon 5 was freaking AMAZING.  I honestly have NEVER been so jealous that a microphone didn’t hit ME in the face and have Adam bring me on stage to hug me. WHY ADAM, WHY? Haha. We had a mini blackout for a minute and Adam threw down the microphone which for bounced off the stage and NAILED a girl in the head!  I couldn’t believe it haha. My bestie and I was like WHY ARE THEY HUGGING because at the time, all we could see was him hugging her and didn’t see the lead up.

Last video. Promise. #AdamShakesHisAss #maroonvtour #maroon5 #adamlevine

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2. I can see the light!! I am on my last essay until finals start! One more essay to power through before a few days of relaxation (then hitting the books….)  

3. My shins are still bothering me a little.  I’m running the Yonge Street 10k in a month and it’s starting to worry me.  I understand that not every race will be a PB but I want to PB it sooooo badly! But I’ll have to most likely run it at a conservative pace if I want to be able to run for the rest of the season – it’s too early to pull a “go big or go home” race like I did with Scotiabank right after my groin strain.

Came home from work to this! 🙂 #tys10k #ambassador #digitalchampion A photo posted by Carmy (@runcarmyrun) on


4. I freaking LOVE Vega!  I was complaining about how my BF steals ALL my bottles (even the pink shaker bottle that I bought BECAUSE it was pink and might deter him…spoiler alert: it didn’t) and they sent me FOUR!

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5. If you’re a student and still haven’t signed up for the Nike’s Women’s Run… what’s stopping ya? 😉


So that’s what’s on my mind!  What’s on yours?

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3 thoughts on “TOL #23

    • THEY WERE AMAZING. I’ve decided to give up racing so I can pay for front row tickets LOL. Okay maybe not racing… maybe I’ll give up buying clothes haha

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