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TOL #25 A Lesson in Patience

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I’ve been a little quiet on my blog (and on Instagram) the last few days. My body unfortunately decided that I would not be able to survive a mosquito bite (once again) and my bite from Saturday swelled up to the size of my fist. My freaking fist!

My doctor put me on a round of antibiotics and it wrecked havoc on my body. Side effects of antibiotics when combined with running can include: sensitivity to heat/dehydration, slower pace, dizziness, and upset stomach. My body decided to hit the side effects like some check list it needed to finish.

I had a rough time getting through the week. When I tried running, my calves could cramp up due to the dehydration (I tried to counter it by spending the day drinking 2L of water…didn’t work), I was running between 7:00-8:00 per km, and I just felt horrible overall. A few days after the start of the cycle, I got a fever too.  I was so frustrated as I was finally getting back into my groove only to hit a speed bump.

I’m currently on my last day of antibiotics and I’ve been told that the effects from the pills can linger for weeks afterwards.  This little set back is definitely testing my patience as I just want to go go go when my body just wants to sleep sleep sleep.

So there you have it. I’m tired and honestly, I feel a little defeated as everyone is starting their training cycle strong while I’m struggling to bring myself back to my “easy” pace.

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17 thoughts on “TOL #25 A Lesson in Patience

  1. Don’t worry – you are not the only one. I’m about 1-2 more bad leg days away from pulling the plug on a marathon this year. I’m going to the Beaches Tune Up run next week and if the leg doesn’t cooperate, I’m signing up for the half instead. Stupid leg 🙁
    Rebecca recently posted…Trader Joes Cookie Butter Giveaway!My Profile

  2. Sorry to hear that! I hope you feel better quickly…and Im sure that once you are back to running you will bounce back faster than you would expect!

  3. Oh, no! I’m so sorry! That has to be miserable. 🙁 My mom just got bitten by some yellow flies and her one hand swelled up so badly from it. Bugs are the worst.

    Hope you are feeling better this weekend!

  4. Oh geez, I’m so sorry! I was bitten to bits this past weekend, but don’t think I’ll ever complain again after reading your story.
    I hope you’re feeling a bit better now (maybe the after effects will be nice & wear off much quicker than expected). Hugs!
    Amber recently posted…Ragnar Relay WVMy Profile

  5. The bite swelled to the size of your fist? That’s nuts.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about missing the first couple weeks of your training cycle. It’s hardly the most critical.

    You’ll bounce back! Hope you feel better soon!!
    Paul Radcliffe recently posted…June ReviewMy Profile

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