Virtual Coffee Date + Mini Race Recap


If we were having coffee this morning, I’d probably be drinking tea or a frappuccino instead because I’m not a big coffee drinker haha.  Here’s what I’d tell you today if we were on a coffee date…

  • Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.  Silly ol’ me.  I slept in!  I ended up doing my Sunday run around 11-12 and that was when it was the hottest.  Silly silly me!  I did my scheduled 12k in 1:14
photo1 (28)

Sunday Run 🙂

  • Wednesday was intervals again, I did around 6.5k and my splits were all around 4:50-5:10minutes/k.  I don’t have the exact times because my watch had trouble syncing in the rainy/cloudy environment.  Yup, that’s right, we did intervals in the rain! Then a quick circuit … on the grass… while it rained.  On one hand, I’m getting over my comfortableness with being around dirt (I was an “indoors” child haha) but on the other hand, I got dirt on me.  Haha.
  • Friday was super exciting for me!  Friday was Black Lungs Ekidan Marathon Relay! Instead of my scheduled tempo run, I ran with my team, Black Toe Running.
    • The race was split so there were 2 runners for 10k, 2 for 6.1k, and 2 for 5k.  I ran the last 5k for my team’s division (we had 3!) and let me tell you, there was quite a bit of pressure being an anchor.
    • You can tell me it’s a “fun” run all you want but the high school track and field experience in me told me otherwise when it comes to relay (I was terrible at the relay haha the coach had to pull my out for a highschool meet because of my nerves).
    • When it was my turn to tag in, there were quite a bit 5k runners ahead of me already, however, I slowly but steady passed a few which was pretttttttty amazing since I wasn’t sure how I was to pace my 5k.  I just ran my hardest and hoped for the best!
    • I ended up finished the 5k in 25 minutes.  My watch said 4.99k in 25:01 but I started my watch 100-200m late so I’m pretty sure I either did it in 25 minutes or maybe even less!  I’m beyond proud of myself :D. UPDATE: official time for my 5k was 24:36!!!! And our mixed team placed third! We rocked it!
    • We went to Boston Pizza afterwards and I gorged myself on a Double Bacon BBQ Burger 😉

Pre Race Tattoo Party 😛 I would like to think that the camera added 10 lbs to my right arm 😛  I of course stole this picture from Black Toe Running’s Facebook page.

  • My birthday is sooooooooo close and I want to look forward to it but my final exam is the day after…  HOWEVER, it is also the same day as Black Toe Running’s Hipster Run!  So at least I’ll have something to look forward to if I’m feeling cranky and down after writing my exam.

So if we were having coffee this morning, what would you be telling me?  Have you ever done a relay?

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7 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Date + Mini Race Recap

  1. I’ve never done a relay! They sound like fun but I think it would make me nervous to have other people rely on me!
    I would tell you that the weather here today is MUCH cooler than what is typical for June in Maryland! But make sure you get out for your run earlier this weekend to beat the heat:)

    • there was definitely more pressure since if I screw up, I screw up the whole team! Is it actually cooler?! I remember one of the first few posts I read on your blog was about how hot it was! And it wasn’t even summer! Enjoy the coolness while it lasts! 😀

  2. The last time I did a relay was in highschool–the 24 hour relay–everyone ran a mile for 24 hours. It was actually a ton of fun! Love the tattooing 😉

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