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Want to Start Running?

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It’s no secret that I run. I blog about it, it’s what my Instagram is about, I’m almost always in a pair of running shoes, and I have a tan line from my Polar V800. My identity is pretty connected to running so it is no surprise that whenever someone in my life wants to start running, they come to me for advice.

One thing that happens a lot is what I call, repeat statements. I get a message that says “Carmy, I’m going to start running!” and a month later, I get the same message that “I’m going to start running!” But they can’t start because they don’t have the right outfit, a watch, compression socks, and more excuses.

So here’s my response: Just Run. If you want to start running, you don’t have to focus on finding the perfect outfit, a watch, or any fancy extra smancy extras! Go put on an outfit and get a pair of shoes fitted then go outside your front door and run.

I’m not saying that if you have questions, you can’t come to me. But if you come to me multiple times saying you’re going to start running but never do because you just don’t have to “right gear” then I just think you need to lace up some shoes and head out the door. Why not keep it simple to see if you enjoy running enough to invest in a running watch, compression items, and other fun running gadgets?

Maybe I’m being harsh but at the same time, I believe that running is running. In order to start running, you need to run!

QOTD: What are your thoughts? Do you get the same “repeat” questions?

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