5 Things I Will Not Do For “Fitness”

There are things that I’ve done in the name of fitness that I never thought I would have done before. I never thought I’d try crossfit, barre, spin, and much more and actually enjoy the classes.

1. Race Every Weekend

I’m not one of those runners that have a trigger finger with race sign ups. Not only is my budget not large enough to do a $50 5K every weekend, I don’t believe that someone can truly race to their full potential if you’re constantly racing without a proper rest period. I can see wanting to do certain races for fun and to be with friends but it’s got to be an amazing race to convince me to drop some serious cash on a race.

2. Workouts That I Don’t Enjoy

Unless you have scientific proof that a workout I hate can give me JLo’s booty within 6 weeks, you cannot convince me to do something I hate. Sorry not sorry.

3. Give Up Sleep

I’m not going to apologize (Canadian problems ha) that I do not enjoy waking up early to work out. I work afternoons and evenings. Sometimes I work mornings after working evenings. Getting home at 10PM does not transfer well to waking up at 4AM to go run.

4. Risk Injury

Over the years, I’ve come to learn what my body can or cannot do. When in a group fitness setting, I will always do modifications if I’m unable to do something. I’m not ashamed that I have to go down on my knees while doing pushups until exhaustion. I’m not ashamed that I need to bend my knees to touch my toes. When I’m told to “push through the pain,” I know where my own body’s red line is and will not push past it no matter how much the instructor is telling me to do so. Guess who screwed up her hip flexors in high school because a teacher kept pushing me to stretch more aggressively.

Related to this – 4.5 Doing It “For The Insta.” Sorry but I’m not going to attempt to do a handstand (and fall flat on my face lol) for the sake of a good photo. I’m not doing to do some ridiculous risky move on the reformer to look like “#goals.”

5. Give Up “Bad Foods”

I love comfort food. I love chicken nuggets. I love french fries. But I also love avocados, green smoothies, and broccoli. As someone with a history of disordered eating, it’s taken me years to be comfortable with where I am and find my balance. Life is about balance and I’m not going to give up the food that I’ve grown to enjoy. I’ll probably never be a size zero again but hey, chicken nuggets are the bomb.

Want more? See what my friend Ange from Cowgirl Runs won’t do for fitness.

QOTD: What will you not do for the sake of “fitness”?


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5 thoughts on “5 Things I Will Not Do For “Fitness”

  1. You speak with a wisdom of a true, recreational athlete. I know too many people that push SO hard that they regularly violate 2, 4, and sometimes 3 and 5. All of those are fine for a hardcore “professional”, but as a hobby, and long-term lifestyle, utterly self-defeating.

    There are times worth giving up sleep for: As you age, going to bed at 9pm becomes routine, and waking up at 5am can be too. Oh adulting…

    And I’m with you on the workouts I hate. You can only do that so long before you hate the notion of fitness and eventually burn out of it.

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