5 Tips For a Better Performance

Everyone’s always trying to increase their performance, endurance and stamina when it comes to physical activities and we’re always trying to apply science-based evidence to our techniques and methods. We did a little digging and found some great  tips that may increase your performance. Here are 5 tips that may give you the running time you have always desired.

Listen to Music

5 Tips For a Better Performance

A study conducted by sports psychologist Costas Karageorghis revealed that running while listening to music may increase your performance. Karageorghis refers to music as a “legal drug” for athletes and suggests that running while listening to your favourite tracks may give you the best running time of your life. He has conducted research and believes that four elements to music will give you a boost. These 4 elements are beats, arousal, association, and dissociation. His belief is that music makes even the most intense activities seem pleasurable while putting you in a great mood.


Scientists believe that visualization could may increase your performance. For example, if you’re training for a marathon, you should spend plenty of time visualizing yourself running this marathon. Sports psychologists have also made it clear that these visualizations should be as detailed as possible; in other words don’t just envision yourself crossing the finish line. Visualize the weather for race day, the crowd, the course, and how you intend to run the race.

Talk to Yourself

A 2011 study called “Perspectives in Psychological Science” found that talking to yourself may give you the performance of a lifetime. There’s also plenty of evidence supporting this theory as the winner of the 2012 Omaha Marathon, Dr. Cindra Kamphoff, credits speaking to herself as a key element to her victory. Scientists believe that self-motivation is an integral part of training therefore talking to yourself throughout your performance may increase your run time.

Be Competitive

5 Tips For a Better Performance

If you’re looking to increase your performance then you should get as competitive as possible, maybe even build a rivalry in your mind. Scientist Gavin J. Kilduff of NYU looked at over five years of data and discovered a correlation between competitive nature and better performances. He discovered that psychological stakes associated with competition are sometimes greater than the overall prize. In other words, sometimes beating a rival will make you feel better than winning the face and therefore increase your performance. He drew many examples including: Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates, Pete Sampras vs Andre Agassi, and Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning.

Embrace the Good and the Bad

In any performance there are good elements and there are bad elements. Winning a race is part of the good but the pain associated with the training is never pleasurable. If you’re looking for the best run time possible, scientists believe that you must embrace the bad as well as the good. For example, the pain associated with training should be viewed as pleasurable because in the end it is a part of the journey that will increase your performance. As difficult as it sounds, embracing the bad parts of physical activities may take you to the next level.

QOTD: How do you improve your performance?

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16 thoughts on “5 Tips For a Better Performance

    • I heard of that tip last week on IG! I usually have it on the whole way through but I should consider having it only on the second half!

  1. I am the queen of talking to myself. Most of the time I do spare others around me from hauling my butt off to a mental ward but if I’m not a good cheerleader to myself how can I be to anyone else?

  2. Embracing the bad totally worked for me during the Toronto Marathon, everyone else was miserable but I just embraced the rain and wind and fought through it. My attitude was nothing I can do to change it so you might as well embrace it and kick it’s a**

  3. I absolutely talk to myself. I do believe I sound crazy sometimes!

    I also think listening to podcasts help. Music is good, but sometimes, I need a storyline to follow where I don’t know what’s coming next, to help take my mind off things and keep me moving.

  4. I think I use all of these techniques, but the competitive one is the least utilized for me. I honestly don’t have that drive to put it all out there on the line (at least I don’t think I do). I don’t get a lot of satisfaction in running faster than others…but I do like beating my own personal times.

  5. I definitely rely on using music and talking to myself to stay motivated, but I’m not sure if it actually improves my performance. I do think having someone to “chase” during a race is a great strategy and has helped me on some races.

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