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5 Ways That Runners Could Beat the Heat

Summer has just started and here in Toronto and we have already seen heat alerts in the city. While the heat allows us to utilize beaches, sip drinks on patios and partake in outdoor activities, there are also risks. To beat the heat and avoid serious heat related illnesses like heat stroke, today we present 5 tips that will help runners beat the heat.

5 Ways That Runners Could Beat the Heat

Pre-Cool Down

I’m sure that everyone likes to cool down after a run but it’s important to cool down before ever stepping onto the track. Studies have shown that athletes who cool down prior to running have boosted their performance up to 16%. Pre-cooling down means lowering your body temperature prior to the physical activity. The simplest way of doing this is to wipe your body with a drenched towel. Another effective method is to eat something really cold prior to an event such as a Gatorade slushy.


Another great tactic for beating the heat is to hyper-hydrate. We all know that you should stay hydrated throughout any physical activity by hyperhydration is a bit more complex. Hyperhydration involves using nutritional supplements which store extra water. Hydration mixes can be found at any health store and these electrolyte drinks will help you stay hydrated despite excessive sweating.

Be Prepared

There are ways to prepare for your run that may help you beat the heat. Sweat-rate calculators which could be found via google are a great tool that will help you understand how much water your body loses throughout any physical activity. Sweat rate calculators and other tools like a wearable body temperature monitoring system will help you beat the heat.

Avoid Excess Protein

Protein is great for runners because it helps speed up metabolism and builds muscles but protein also increases your body temperature. Protein is a great source of energy but it will make you feel the heat throughout your race, therefore it may be best to skip the peanut butter.

Plan A Smart Route

Be sure to plan a smart route. Think big trees, big buildings, and plenty shade. Constructing a route that will limit direct sunlight is the smart way to go when you’re trying to stay as cool as possible. Remember to stay in the shade and try to avoid running when the sun is out.

QOTD: How do you beat the heat?

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  1. This is great! I never heard about the pre-cooldown or the impact of protein on heat, so this was super helpful! Planning my route so that there is maximum tree coverage is definitely something I will incorporate into my training program. Thanks for these tips!

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