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Monday on the Run – 5Peaks Giveaway!

HAPPY MONDAY! I hope you had an amazing weekend.  Can you believe Christmas is THIS WEEK! Where has the time gone?!



Monday – 3.9k recovery
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 9.5k hard
Thursday – 10k easy
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 13k

36.4k over the week!  Coach said to try and maintain what I ran last week which was 35k because it was my highest mileage week and I kind of increased my mileage a wee bit too quickly (way more that the typical 10%) so the goal is to maintain for the next few weeks before increasing some more!

I’m pretty excited that my mileage has been higher than usually.  I took out my cross training day in favour of running!  I feel as I’m falling in love with running all over again because on Wednesday, not 5 hours after my run, I wanted to run again! I haven’t felt that way in a while!  Do you guys ever feel that way?

Anyways, my holiday giveaway is almost over! Thanks to everyone who’s been participating and I’m honestly so happy to have had all you along with me on my blogging/running journey.  You guys have been so supportive and I love all of you! 🙂

As for this week’s giveaway… I’m excited to share with you that it’s a free entry to a 5Peaks trail race!  It’s open to US and CAN but the race is in Canada so you guys will have to travel and figure out logistics on your own.

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Hope you guys have an amazing week!

<3 Carmy
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<3 Carmy

39 thoughts on “Monday on the Run – 5Peaks Giveaway!

  1. 35k week in the off-season? That’s pretty badass. I’d recommend putting that strength training back though, it will really help you out later.

    I’ve never done at rail race, but this might be a nice opportunity to try one!

    • I’ve been doing some body weight stuff at home currently. Too much effort getting to campus for the gym during the holidays! I wanna get up to 50 but baby steps!!

    • Haha yup! I totally remember my shin splints in the spring when I got so excited because it was warm enough to run outside again and ran daily! Then bam! Shin splints! Oops 🙁

  2. I’m actually at the start of a training cycle, trying to hold onto that enjoyment of running is key for me. In the past I’ve fallen off my training plans when it starts to feel too much like an obligation.

    • Yep! I def fell out of love closer to my race date. It was getting to be too strict and training runs were starting to wear me down. 🙁 Glad you’re getting bad into it too! 🙂

  3. Good job on the training last week. I slacked on the running bit but otherwise I kept active (somewhat!). I am determined to make up for it this week. I love that feeling when you cannot get enough of running! Embrace it!

  4. I’ve just really got into trail running over the last year. Looking forward to more trail races in 2015. Golden Ears is the 1st 5 peaks race of the season here, and I’d love to win an entry to it! 😉 Thanks for hosting this give away! Happy Trails.

  5. Nice job on keeping up that mileage! I totally hear you on falling in love with running again, I feel the same way right now. Which is funny, because usually the last place I want to be in the winter is outside 🙂

  6. I’m not in love with running… yet. I’m still at the hate myself for this self inflicted torture every other mile stage. Which is funny, because I just registered for my first half marathon. I did my first 15K last weekend, and I really think if I could get pacing down, I’d love running.

      • She’s a gorgeous dalmatian/hound mix rescued from Ohio. Her name is Cosette. About 2-3 years old and 45 pounds. We’ve just started off leash runs and we both share our freedom in nature together running. I have a little pup as well… a min pin/chihuahua. He’s definitely too small. I know my Cosette is a creature I rescued… but she has rescued me from so much. She makes me run. And once I’m running… I’m happy. Why didn’t I just go in the first place? Thank goodness for happy tails on happy trails.

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  8. Yay for higher mileage weeks! And the weather! Can’t go wrong with warmer temps and dry pavement on the weekend. I’ve been going slightly higher on my mileage too to prep for a January race. Which 5Peaks race do you recommend? I’ve always wanted to try one!

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