Try it Tuesday: 7 Days of Hydration

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by SodaStream Canada. However, all opinions are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands who make this blog possible!

Try it Tuesday: 7 Days of Hydration

Six months ago, I purchased a SodaStream Play at the One of a Kind show on a whim. One of the reasons I purchased it was due to my low water consumption in addition to me trying to get the dude to lower his soda intake.

Anyways, as summer had pretty much punched me in the gut – I’ve noticed that my water intake just has not been enough. The 100 degree weather has not been helping either! So last week, I decided to see what would challenge myself to spend 7 days of drinking as much water as I could. If you had followed along on my Instagram Stories, you would have seen me snapping photos of me drinking water or using my brand new SodaStream Power to make myself some bubbly water. I really don’t know what’s my problem but I have trouble drinking water plain. The SodaStream really helped me spice up the water.


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The first few days, I was doing pretty well, I had at least 3 of the 1L bottles a day. It was kind of weird drinking all the extra water as I had to keep going to the bathroom. I apparently have a small bladder so with the increase of water… I think I used the bathroom every half an hour!

After the initial gung-ho excitement of taking on this challenge, I kinda got bored. Drinking just plain water was pretty boring. This is where the fun favours from SodaStream came in handy!

Try it Tuesday: 7 Days of Hydration


I found that their favours are great alternatives to juices and soda as the favouring is just as yummy but there’s way less calories. Anyways so here’s what happened after a full week of drinking 3-4L of water a day.

Energy Levels

While I was exhausted from working double my usual hours, I had more energy through out the day. Usually I’m dying for a nap half way through the day but I’ve been nap free the last week!

Skin Clarity

While I know a week might not be enough of an indicator, I noticed that my skin didn’t break out much. I was approximately 1 week from my period and usually that means I get a bump or two on my face but I noticed that right now, there aren’t any bumps on my face!


I noticed that I was less cranky. My mood was better which was nice since I was stuck working double the hours so I definitely needed to stay in a good mood haha.


Before, I’d get headaches from being dehydrated. Since I started drinking 3-4L, I’ve noticed my headaches had decreased! That might have probably contributed to my happier mood!

So the verdict? I’m definitely going to try to keep this up! I love the effects it had on me (other than the increased bathroom breaks)!

Anyways, SodaStream Canada and I have partnered up for this post! I wanted to get my readers involved and stay hydrated with me so they have given me a new SodaStream Power to giveaway to one lucky (Canadian, sorry!) reader! Enter down below!

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QOTD: How much water do you drink in a day?

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73 thoughts on “Try it Tuesday: 7 Days of Hydration

  1. Oh my! I would love this … always trying to get more water into my husband and myself. I try to drink 8 to 10 cups a day but I know it is not enough in the Summer especially. This looks just awesome!

  2. During the week I keep a S’well bottle on my desk and refill every couple of hours. I am less diligent on the weekend when I get busy with running around. Would LOVE a sodastream for home use. I <3 bubbles!!

  3. I’ve noticed a big improvement since I started drinking more water during the day – I usually try to get at least 2L per day, plus what I drink during workouts. But I totally want a sodastream because I love fizzy water!

  4. I carry a 750ml water bottle around with me everywhere so I drink whenever I’m thirsty. I know I drink a lot of water but I kept track of it the other day and was surprised to see that I by the end of the day I had drank 5 liters! I’m trying to be healthy and make a positive change in my life and I think a soda stream would be a great alternative to pop, one of my favorite treats!

  5. I feel like i don’t hydrate enough. With all the running i’ve been doing I need to hydrate more. Training for my first marathon.

  6. Oh man! I feel like a soda stream would help me drink more water! I love sparkling water but hate carrying it home in my backpack from the store!

  7. LOVE carbonated water!!! I need it in my life. I crave it. And I get a little IRKED if I don’t have it! hahahaha! Like yesterday for instance! 😉 Thankfully I found a gas station before I punched someone! LOL!

  8. Honestly I stay hydrated as often as I can remember to. Plain water can be a bit boring and I forget to refill my bottle.

  9. I LOVE my soda stream. I have always been a fan of soda because of the bubbles, but obviously as an RD I try to avoid it as much as possible. Seltzer is my alternative that makes me happy, and I love how easy it is to do at home with sodastream.

  10. This is so awesome and would be so helpful as I seem to have a hard time getting in enough liquids, I currently try and keep my water bottle with me everywhere but to be honest I kind of stink at that- lol

  11. I try to drink 7-10 oz of water two hours in the summer, plus my daily seltzer and iced coffee or tea. It’s so important to stay hydrated in hot weather, especially if you’re active! This is such an awesome giveaway!

  12. That looks like an awesome soda stream! I got one on a super sale last spring and I LOVE that it helps my husband drink more water!
    I love that lime basil flavoring too! So good!

  13. Some days, I drink a ton of water and some days the only water I get is the water I put through my coffee maker. Unfortunately, the latter happens a lot! 😉
    Great giveaway!

  14. One thing I do if I am running around in the car is make myself drink a bottle between destinations. Even if it means sitting in the car to finish up!
    Love the post.

  15. Breaking up with soda is hard to do. It took a long time to be able to drink water plain. I’m curious about the SodaStream.

  16. I consistently drink between three to five litres of just good old plain water a day. I recently gave up coffee, so I haven’t found it any harder re- bathroom breaks


  17. I’ve just started drinking bottles of water, 2-3 a day. My water filter broke and what comes out of my tap is awful, so hubby started buying big packs of bottles. Much better!

  18. I run a lot, so I am pretty good with hydrating. My runs always suffer if I don’t drink enough, which is torture. There is nothing like going out for a 7k run and then dying 5 minutes into it due to poor diet!

  19. I try to stay hydrated every day! But sometimes sitting at a desk you forget to get up and go get more water…silly as that sounds! I drink water, herbal tea, then sometimes add a bit of flavoured water to the mix.

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  21. A lot more than I used to due to necessity. I still need a reminder once in awhile if I’m wrapped up in something like recently playing with my 2 year old niece. My husband made sure to take over (we were babysitting) and tell me to drink.

  22. I try and stay hydrated daily, nothing like craving a beverage badly. Doing it in moderation keeps me on my toes

    Thanks for the lovely chance

  23. I try to stay hydrated all of the time. One trick I have is to have a cup of water for every cup of coffee that I drink!

  24. I have really been working to stay hydrated during the day and hubby is encouraging me to drink more. I get headaches when I am dehydrated.

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