7 Foods For Runners

The weather has been blistering hot in Toronto as of late, which means increased physical activities for many people who enjoy the sunshine. Diet is an important aspect of any sort of physical activity because ultimately, what you eat can have an effect on injury prevention, soreness, and of course performance. Today we talk about diet as we present seven foods which are great for runners!

7 Foods for Runners


Located in the skin of the berries is anthocyanins, which essentially give it that bright red or purple look depending on what type of berry you like to eat. Anthocyanins contain anti-inflammatory properties which are great for runners because this will help limit soreness. Another great health benefit of berries is that it contains properties which prevent cell damage, making it ideal for those who like to get active.


Runners should always look to increase their vitamin intake and chickpeas is perfect for getting more Vitamin B6. This vitamin is crucial for increasing serotonin levels, metabolism and sleep patterns. Vitamin B6 is responsible for how your body extracts nutrients from food which is great for runners.

Green Tea

All runners should have a cup of green tea every daily for two reasons: muscle repair and fat burning. Recent studies have shown that green tea accelerates fat burning during moderate to intense exercises by as much as 17% according to the University of Birmingham. Another study has shown that green tea reduces muscle damage during exercises.


You may have heard about Omega-3 can be found in salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids are great when it comes to fighting off inflammation, allowing you to run longer and ultimately experience less soreness. Salmon is also a great source of protein, something all runners need.

Chicken Breast

In order to recover, rebuild muscles and run longer, runners need more protein. Chicken breast is an excellent source of protein because, like salmon, it will help the body recover quickly. Chicken also contains plenty of Vitamin B which is great for burning fat and muscle building.


Oatmeal may be the best breakfast to have in the morning of a big race. Studies have shown that oatmeal is low-glycemic meal which means that it takes longer to raise your blood-sugar levels. As a result, you will have more energy and a longer time before getting exhausted, unlike a high-glycemic meal such as rice or bread.


While broccoli may not be the most delicious food on the planet, it is certainly one of the healthiest. Broccoli is a great source of vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, and Omega-3 acids. All of these nutrients are great for runners because they help increase performance, limit muscle damage and replenish the body. Before a long run you should consider eating broccoli because this superfood may help transform you into a super-athlete.

QOTD: What’s your favourite superfood?

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13 thoughts on “7 Foods For Runners

  1. Berries, green tea and salmon top the list of my favorite super foods and they made your list. As someone who is trying to get into running, I should eat more of these things. Except for chickpeas. Can’t stand them. But I’m okay with some hummus.

  2. I love the temperature in Toronto this time of year! (Probably because this is the only time of year I ever go!)

    What a great list! I didn’t know that bit about green tea helping with muscle repair. Maybe I’ll drink a whole jug of it before my race on Saturday so that I can repair my muscles all the way back to my college years… 😛

  3. Dried Apricots have more potassium (electrolyte) than bananas so they are great for replenishing it. Coconut water is great for this too.

  4. I’m no runner but I’m still in love with this list, especially all the plant based options. My current favourite superfood will have to be quinoa. I’m basically putting it in all the things these days lol

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