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Always #LikeAGirl

How many times have we heard comments like “girls shouldn’t play that sport” or seen girls’ teams playing in half-filled arenas? Growing up, I was always discouraged when I wanted to try a new sport by my parents and extended family because I was a girl.

I very clearly remember sitting down for a family dinner when I was 14. We were talking about health and fitness, which piqued my uncle’s curiosity. After complimenting my male cousin about working out and bulking up, he put me down for doing the same thing. I was told that it was not very lady-like and that I am not going to be attractive if I bulked up from playing sports and working out.

I was 14. Fourteen. That is not something a 14 year old girl needs to hear. Like many other girls, I was already struggling with my post puberty body and I did not need discouragement. But you know what, I got lucky that I was surrounded by an amazing group of girl friends. More than half of girls will have dropped out of sports by the time they end puberty but being the headstrong person I am and with the support of some amazing girls in my life, I kept playing #LikeAGirl. I remember at 16, I won 2 gold medals for our high school varsity badminton team – in our district and in our region. What What ??


For more than 30 years, Always has been championing girls’ confidence globally and has changed the simple phrase of #LikeAGirl to mean powerful and amazing things! Many studies have found that ongoing participation in sports is a high contributor to confidence in girls, at any age and level, and provides valuable skills to help them stay confident throughout adulthood. Always is on a mission to help stop the drop in confidence amongst girls and wants everyone to show the world how they Keep Playing #LikeAGirl by sharing their story, an image, video, etc. and encouraging everyone to do the same.

The recent Always survey found that girls reported that three of the top benefits of staying in sports are increased confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills. I can tell you that growing up playing sports, my leadership skills were honed and fine tuned. Being a part of a team, I remembered stepping up and being the person who made sure the entire team was present and made sure everyone stuck together on our unsupervised transit to other schools for after school matches. Such skills have followed me into adulthood and it shows itself when I’m at work and I’m making sure the entire crew has completes needed tasks. I feel confident and comfortable expressing myself in all leadership opportunities.

Every time I see the following video being played, I actually tear up a little. These girls remind me of the girls in my support circle as a kiddo – I had my gal pals telling me not to listen and that no one can tell me that I can’t play.

And here’s the behind the scenes video with the director’s interview. One thing that stood out to me was where she says a parent discouraged their daughter from playing soccer because she was worried she would get hurt. I’ve had this conversation with my own family multiple times “Oh what if you break your leg?” ” What if you’ll hurt yourself?” “You’ll get ugly scars.” But what if I don’t? The benefits of playing a sport outweighs the “risks.”

QOTD: How you Keep Playing #LikeAGirl? Help encourage young girls to keep playing by sharing how you Keep Playing #LikeAGirl!

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32 thoughts on “Always, Keep Playing #LikeAGirl

  1. I never played team sports as a kid/young adult. I was allowed to do dance and horse back riding – both of which are sports, but they were considered more “ladylike.”

    I’m almost 40, and it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve decided that I don’t give a darn about being ladylike and would far rather be strong and push myself. I wish I had been encouraged earlier in my life, but I’m cool making up for lost time. There’s a huge adventure out there waiting for me, and I’m going to reach out and accept the challenge.

  2. great post! I wish girls could just be girls and play sports, jump up and down and do what makes their heart sing! I am going to keep running like a girl and I will share it with everyone!

  3. I grew up with a mother who thought girls should only play tennis or be a cheerleader. It was right around the time that Title IX came about. Things have changed so much! But still something happens at puberty that really sucks the confidence out of girls. Would love to see that change!

  4. This is great! I’ve done some work in the past with a kids triathlon company that encourages both girls and boys to do a triathlon. I led clinics for the kids leading them through things like running drills and how to set up transition stations. It was a blast helping the kiddos get more confident in their abilities!

  5. Love this. I encourage both my daughters to embrace their athletic side – they have a genuine interest in fitness now and I hope it continues as they grow older.

  6. There are so many aspects in life where I totally do NOT consider myself a girl… However, when it comes to sports, I am TOTALLY a girl and proud! LOL!

  7. A number of reasons led me to stop doing gymnastics when I was going through puberty. Lots of the same reasons led me to not want to do a lot of other things in life. Its tough trying to breakout of your comfort zone especially when society wants you to stay in there!

  8. I grew up playing a lot of different sports. My mom was great in letting us try out different things, but she also did a great job balancing it with teaching us good mannerisms and such to carry ourselves (my sister and I) as young ladies.
    I think girls should be able to try out and live out what they desire to be.

  9. UGH. Your uncle’s comment made me angry for you. I was very fortunate that my parents encouraged us to be active while growing up, and ALWAYS told us that we could do absolutely anything we set our minds to. I also think it was a good thing that my elementary school had co-ed sports teams. It put us on a level playing field (literally, haha) right from the get go, and let us know that we could do anything the boys could do when it came to sports.

  10. Ohhhh girl. I want to punch your uncle. I realize that’s not productive, but those types of comments are so hurtful.

    I was rather round until I was about 18, and I’m so thankful my parents were active because that kept me active.

  11. I was never the sporty type, but I did play tennis (albeit horribly) throughout high school. It’s too bad your uncle had that opinion about girls playing sports – I love watching women’s soccer because their game is truly different than men’s – in a really cool way. We all have our places in the sport and fitness world – no one should be excluded from that!!

  12. I have to admit I didn’t keep playing sports as I got older. But it really wasn’t because anyone discouraged me. If anything my friends and family were a little too encouraging when it came to getting me back into swimming and football (soccer) but I just wasn’t that interested lol. Kind of wish I’d stuck with it now though.

  13. LOVE this! As a kid, I was the only girl on a boys baseball team. I was their pitcher, and really good at it. Until the league decided I had to play softball with the girls. So important to teach our girls about their inner strength and their ability to play any sport.

  14. I love this campaign and this post so much. I hated being a girl when I was little because I’d always be told I couldn’t do all kinds of different things because it wasn’t ladylike/because I was a girl. ._. Thanks for writing this! <3

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