Beat The Chafe

I don’t know about you I’ve chafe so many times. There has been so many weird red blotches all over me, ranging from my inner thighs, under my arm, or right under my breast, that painful to touch. Chafing is so uncomfortable and it is pretty embarrassing when people notice them.

Luckily, I seem to have (mostly) nailed down my routine for beating the chafe!

Embarrassing Running Problems. Beat the Chafe.

1. Body Glide

Before every run, I put body glide between my thighs, under my arms, under my bra straps, and anywhere else that I’m suspicious of. If I’m out of body glide, I swear by Lady Speed Stick deodorant. I’ve used it in place of body glide for a (rainy!) half marathon and no chafing!

2. Compression Gear

I have one pair of shorts that I have yet to chafe in. They’re the length of bike shorts and because they’re compression, they stay put. They do not move and because of the length, it keeps my inner thighs from rubbing together.

3. Choose Your Fabric Wisely

Do not run in cotton. I repeat, do not run in cotton. You want fabric that will wick the sweat off you as being wet can leave your skin vulnerable to chafing.

4. Remove All Tags

Tags can be the worst when it comes to chafing. It might not bother you the first 10 minutes but you never know after an hour. On a similar note, loose threads should be cut. I’ve noticed that even the smallest loose thread, like I’m talking a cm, can be the most annoying feeling in the world. It may not chafe you but it will annoy you!

5. Bandaids

When in doubt, slap a bandaid on!

QOTD: How do you beat the chafe?

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Embarrassing Running Problems. Beat the Chafe.


12 thoughts on “Beat The Chafe

  1. I’ve never had a big problem with it. Once I started getting into runs around 10k, I started using running shorts and avoided cotton shirts. I feel it a little once in awhile, but I think the biggest thing is like you said…DO NOT RUN IN COTTON!

  2. All good points – I really need to invest into a chafing balm. I usually chafe along the top of my running shorts – the waist. I also really need to watch the material I’m wearing.

  3. Oh I just get it on my inner upper thighs and underneath my arms, but man is it painful when it happens! I need to follow this advice. Usually I don’t do anything about it (and suffer when I take a shower post-run! Haha)

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