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Beginner’s Guide Part 3: Running in the Heat

Part 3 of my Beginner Running Series!

It may not feel like it but summer is right around to corner! (Fingers crossed!)  I personally enjoy summer running over winter because feeling the warmth on your skin is such a better feeling than feeling like your ears are about to freeze off.  So here are some Tips for Running in the Heat!

Run early morning or late evening
This is when the sun rays won’t be strong and it won’t be as hot.

Hydrate before, during, and after your run
This is important!! You want to ensure that you are replacing fluids lost during sweat. I either carry my fuel belt with me or make sure my route has fountains

Take it slow
When it’s hot out, your body is working hard so pull back a little.  You may not like it but you won’t overheat as quickly and get tired.  Run a shorter distance than you would normally run in cooler weather and don’t expect to match times you achieved in better conditions!  It’s best that you give yourself time to adjust to the heat so just like how you shouldn’t increase your mileage over 10% a week, ease yourself into running in the head.

Know your limit.
Listen to your body! Knowing the danger signs of dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heat cramps, and hyponatremia can save your life. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, disoriented, have stopped sweating, have goose bumps in hot weather or your skin feels clammy, stop exercising, get out of the sun and seek medical attention.  If the weather reports are advising you to stay indoors, STAY INDOORS!

Run on trails or shaded areas
I find trails to be a lot less hot than running on the sidewalk.  Not only is slightly cooler, trails usually have trees that keeps the path shady.  Just make sure you’re aware of your surrounding in trails, you don’t want to be run over by a bike you didn’t hear coming!

Avoid dark clothing
Dark coloured clothing tend to absorb heat, so make sure you’re wearing something light (in texture and colour) that is moisture wicking to keep you cool

Wear a Hat/Visor or Sunglasses and Sunscreen!
That hat honestly makes a difference.  I’ve ran with and without one and it makes a huge difference for me.

And don’t forget to rest afterwards! 🙂


Got anything you’d like to add?  Any questions about running in the heat?

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