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Benefits to Running Solo

A while back, I instagrammed a post about how I tend to train alone. I’ve had people ask if I ever get lonely running solo and my answer is usually no. I’ve always had questions from fellow group runners who ask why I run solo. I mean, I can always stop by any of the multiple running groups that meet daily in Toronto to do a run with other runners but that’s not easy when you’re on a training plan. Until recently, I never had anyone on the exact same training plan and pace as myself (hi Allison!) so it was always difficult to do a group run.

But are there any benefits of running solo? Is it harder to push a little bit extra without someone being there by your side egging you on? Surprisingly, there are plenty of benefits of training solo.


Self Pacing

I found that when I started running on my own without my previous training partner pacing me that I was all over the place! It took a while for me to figure out my own pacing and I have yet to do a goal race without a pacer now that my internal pacing is off. In addition, you do not have to worry about your training partner’s pace. Once two years ago, I had a training group where during intervals, I had taken off faster than everyone else and had a little talking to by the group leader afterwards for leaving everyone behind and how it was not the point of being a part of a group. Running solo means I can go at whatever pace I’m feeling that day and work on not relying on someone else to pace me.

Injury Reduction

Similar to the previous reason – running solo means running without someone who might push the pace. There are days where I go out on an easy run and push harder than what I had wanted to because someone in the group was pushing it pace and I felt bad about slowing them down. So instead, I pushed and as someone who believes in the importance of an easy run being easy to prevent injury, it is not something I was comfortable doing (I stopped going shortly after).

Alone Time

Running is my alone time! I can zone out and not have to worry about making small talk.


I do a set of exercises directly after my run and foam roll right away. What I liked about running solo was that I did not have to pack my bags and go out to meet up then pack my bags and go home then do my exercises and foam rolling when my muscles are no longer warm and limber. It is way more convenient when running solo to integrate that into my routine.

Going Off Book

I love exploring. I have a habit of going off into some trail on my Sunday long run and exploring it and seeing where it takes me. Running solo means I have wiggle room and not have someone who needs to be somewhere afterwards and needs to finish their run at a certain time. I can take my time, get lost, and explore without worrying about taking up someone’s entire day.

QOTD: Do you like running solo? Or are you a fan of group runs?


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17 thoughts on “Benefits to Running Solo

  1. Frankly, I prefer running alone. Years ago, I ran with a group, especially with one or two members that had similar paces and goals. It was great. Now, I love to do my own thing, at my own time and pace. Even when I run with my husband it’s almost like being alone because he runs ahead of me 🙂

  2. I like to run alone for the most part for all of the reasons you listed. However, I do enjoy running with a friend from time to time – but just one – any more and it’s hard to find space to run and chat and all that jazz.

  3. I pretty much run alone all the time. And no I don’t get lonely. I used to get random neighbors wanting to run with me. I’m not good at saying no but I had to draw the line and the guy who kept waiting for me at the end of his driveway. Dude couldn’t take a hint!

  4. For years I only ran solo. While I enjoy running with friends if it can workout, I still enjoy running solo for all the reasons you mentioned.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this! I trained for my first marathon – this past May – basically alone. Anytime it came up with other runners, most were shocked that I did! But in all honesty, it was pretty enjoyable. Sure some of the long runs were super boring near the end, but I think – at the risk of sounding super cheesy – it resulted in a lot of “self discovery” or at least a lot of time to think!

  6. Hiiiiiii!!! I agree on all accounts! I like to run in a group as long as I have no pace to hit or time crunches. I usually like a bigger group then if I don’t feel like talking I can just listen to everyone else. Lol.

  7. I run solo for all of the reasons that you mentioned. If I run with others, I often feel bad for slowing them down. The only person I really enjoy running with is my husband, and that’s because it serves as a nice time for us to chat about our day. But with a baby, its rare that we get to run together anymore so we definitely enjoy those few times that we do get to run together now.

  8. I am all of these! i never started group runs until recently. Running is my “me” time to think and run at my pace. if i talk, i feel like i’m not exerting my self enough on the running portion, too!

  9. For a while I thought I’d love having a running buddy, but after having one for a while, I realized I really love running solo. I don’t mind running with a friend to change things up, but for the most part, running is my me time.

  10. Funny I am just writing a post about this myself. I think running is primarily an individual sport but I do love that community and group part of it too. I like both running solo and running with groups, just depends on my needs and mood.

  11. I run solo for 90% of my runs. The times I run with other people are when I’m with the XC or track team and even then, only on certain occasions.

    I like to run at my own pace and I like the alone time

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