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Bollé and Serengeti’s Spring/Summer Preview

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to check out Bollé and Serengeti’s Spring/Summer line. I absolutely loved it and learned quite a bit about the brands.

 Bollé and Serengeti’s Spring/Summer Preview

I would like to think that I’m a pretty sporty person. And Bollé merged looking good and seeing well together. They look adorable in addition to having a 3-in-1 polarized lenses. The lenses align light rays from the sun so you are constantly given a clear view no matter what the weather forecast says. The glasses also has oleophobic and anti-fog treatment so dirt, grease, and waterspots stay off the glasses and it won’t fog up. I love this as there are so many times my glasses have fogged up and it caused my temper to flare up. I hate having to clear my glasses mid run, especially if it’s during a speedwork session.

So as media, I was able to pick a pair from the upcoming line and have it shipped to me. I ended up with these super adorable sunnies from Bollé!

 Bollé and Serengeti’s Spring/Summer Preview

 Bollé and Serengeti’s Spring/Summer Preview

Anyways, at the event, there was one thing that really caught my eye and funny enough, it’s called “The One.”

 Bollé and Serengeti’s Spring/Summer Preview

The One literally the one and only helmet you will need (and I reeeeeeally want). They have aeroshields to increase its aerodynamic-ness in addition to providing protection and warmth for the user.  The aeroshields are fully removable and will expose 31 vents for cooling purposes.

 Bollé and Serengeti’s Spring/Summer Preview

The One also has LED lights integrated (it can be solid or it can blink) that can run for over 100 hours. I personally really like this feature because the integration means I can’t forget to clip a light on if I’m in a rush. The One has a polar fleece liner too so you don’t have to put on a beanie under your helmet when it’s cold and have the helmet slip around on top of it. It’s removable so you can switch out the winter lining for a summer one.

 Bollé and Serengeti’s Spring/Summer Preview

My favourite feature is the QR code stickers it comes with. Bollé’s The One comes with 2 QR codes that you can stick onto your helmet and the QR code provides you with up to 2 minutes of voice recording so if anything happens (an accident or if you lose your helmet somewhere), they can identify you! I’m honestly considering sticking a few QR codes on me when I go on runs now because this is pretty genius.

Anyways, as I’m not as avid of a cyclist as most people, I decided to give Kim (from Two Years to Kona) a call and ask her what her opinion on the helmet as as someone who’s done a million and one triathlons and kicks ass at them.


Typically when evaluating helmets I like to look at weight, venting, comfort and aerodynamics as a starting point, then get into fun details like colour options (because the first rule of cycling wear is everything must match!) and other neat features. At a first glance The One certainly packs an impressive number of features into one helmet. It’s very versatile and can move between casual road riding, racing, commuting, mountain biking and back quite easily, and I really like the inclusion of a bike light in the back since it’s always great to have additional lights for better visibility when riding at night or near dusk.

With a weight of 280g (without aero covers) it is in line with other products in the same price range, and the inclusion of 31 vents appears to provide adequate airflow for hot summer rides – although without trying it out, I can’t say for sure how it compares to other helmets. The base road helmet looks like it is similar to many of the competitors out there (of course the sunglasses holder is a nice touch, speaking as someone whose sunglasses have fallen out more than once!).

Aerodynamics are difficult to evaluate without wind tunnel data (and even those tests can be skewed depending on how the testing is done), but the covers likely provide some improvement in aerodynamics over the base helmet and are a great option for cyclists who want some aero advantage but aren’t ready to spend several hundred dollars on a dedicated aero helmet. In general, I’m impressed with the innovative features of The One, and I think it’s great for the many cyclists who enjoy riding on both the road and trails.

QOTD: Where do you get your sports sunglasses from?

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9 thoughts on “Bollé and Serengeti’s Spring/Summer Preview

  1. 1) You’re the second person I’ve heard this week use the abbreviation sunnies and I think that it is such a cute phrase!
    2) I buy ‘sport sunglasses’ in the $3 utility glasses section at home depot. I really think I need to step up my fitness fashion game, haha.

    • I’m always a little worried about sunnies because I don’t want to mess with my eyes! I’m already near sighted so I’m already at a disadvantage lol

  2. What a cool helmet!

    Bolle is a great brand! I used to have several pairs, when I worked in tennis.Now, I kind of grab whatever I can on my way out the door. My eyes are sensitive, so I have so many pairs just hanging around at my disposal.

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