5 Activities To Break The Fitness Routine

Routines are great but there comes a time when these patterns that we immerse ourselves in become uninspiring and tiresome. Boredom is common amongst fitness enthusiasts who simply get tired of running the same routes, lifting the same weights and completing the same fitness routines. Here are 5 great fitness activities which are great for runners and they will kick the boredom or fitness slump out of your life!


We’re in the midst of a very hot summer therefore if you’re looking to take a break from running, you may want to try surfing. Surfing is great because it’s taxing on the body, much like running long distances and this activity will whip your muscles into shape. It takes a lot of muscle endurance to stay on a surfboard and it’s an incredibly fun activity.

5 Activities To Break The Fitness Routine


Jiu-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art that literally translates into “soft-technique.” Mixed martial arts is an awesome activity for those looking for a break from the fitness routine. You may have watched UFC and become terrified of getting hit in the face but jiu-jitsu is an activity that uses the arm and legs to control an opponent. There is no kicking or punching involved and it’s a great physical activity for those looking to build muscle and improve their conditioning.


Archery is a sport which essentially uses a bow to shoot arrows. Yes, it sounds incredibly fun. It’s an activity which tests your concentration because while shooting arrows may seem simple, there is form and technique which needs to be mastered. Lastly, incredible strength is needed to shoot an arrow long distances, making this a great fitness activity.

5 Activities To Break The Fitness Routine


The latest trend to take over North America is floating. Almost all cities have a place where people float in isolation tanks for a predetermined amount of time. Floating is great because it involves sensory deprivation. You are isolated in a tank in complete darkness focusing only on your thoughts. You’re unplugged from the rest of the world. If you’re worried about drowning, have no fear as these tanks are filled with 800-1400lbs of epsom salt, meaning the density of the water prevents any chance of drowning. Floating is known to increase your concentration, sense of smell, sight and lower stress therefore you should definitely try it out if you’re looking for something new!

Rock Climbing

If you find yourself in a fitness “slump” then it may be best to do something a bit more exhilarating. For runners, rock climbing is a great activity because it strengthens the legs and it will give you the sense of accomplishment you may have been looking for. Let’s face it though, rock climbing could be scary. If you’re seeking a thrill but not looking to risk your life, find a local indoor rock climbing facility and try it out; it’s safer and there is no risk of falling off a cliff!

QOTD: How do you shake up your routine?

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16 thoughts on “5 Activities To Break The Fitness Routine

  1. I recently took a break from running (2 weeks) after my last half. I just needed to not run and I’m slowly getting back into it with everything else I’m trying to do (soccer, cycle etc.)
    It’s been far too long since I Went rock climbing, I’d love to take our girls. I’ve never heard of “floating” as an activity before!

  2. I haven’t done archery since one girl scout camp, or at least I don’t remember doing it. I want to try floating but am afraid my mind won’t cooperate.

  3. I have never been surfing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try.
    In fact the things I would love to try are
    -aerial yoga

    I use to do archery, competed in the state team for a while. Then I moved, and just didn’t have the opportunity to shoot anymore.
    And floating is awesome, so relaxing.

  4. I agree with 5 Activities To Break The Fitness Routine but I want to add recumbent exercise bike for home workouts. you can all time exercise at home.

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