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It’s been around a month since I’ve bought my wool buff for running (yay Toronto winters!).  It is 100% merino wool and is the original multifunctional headwear.  It can be worth as a neckerchief, handband, wristband, hairband, mask, scarf, sahariane, hat, or even worn like a pirate styled bandana!  The weather here in Toronto has dipped -30 (not including wind chill!) and lets just say, this was a life saver!  Not only was it quite breathable during my runs while keeping my cheeks safe and warm, it wore it to school, work, and out!  My face has never felt so protected from the wind chill from such a lightweight fabric.  It was definitely a nice change from bulky scarves and dry cheeks.  It’s also fast drying so when it gets wet or I wash it, it takes less than an hour to air dry.

According to its website, the buff is made from “a fiber with high technical specifications: microclimate control, odor prevention, UV protection, natural elasticity, flame retardant, breathable and water repellent.”  It looks like such a simple product but there’s so much thought put into it that it’s really a go-to piece for me now.  Also, due to the buff lacking seams and hem due to its “stitch free” style, the buff is super comfortable.

I bought it from Running Room.  The retail price is $39.99 + tax but I got it during a scratch card sale and got an additional 25% off! woo!  It was well worth the money and I look forward to buying a different fabric styled one in the summer to wear as a headband/hat/wristband/etc!


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