Confession of Someone Who’s Always Rungry!

The hour after my run has ended 

I WILL steal food off your plate.  However, you can only steal food off my plate if I really truly love you or offer it to you 😉

Whenever my food comes last at a restaurant …

If someone says “free food” (or a trip to Costco!)

The overnight drive thru window employee at McDonalds is named Rob.  He’s even gotten to know my dog.  At 3 am.

Whenever I have a class or shift during meal time…

If the finish line of a race isn’t near a good brunch places…

I may have burnt my mouth on more than one occasion because I was too rungry to wait

will love/forgive you if you bring me food.  We might even be best friends after.

Sometimes I eat peanut butter from the jar (…and sometimes I bring that jar with me.  Don’t believe me?  See my Sporting Life 10k recap where I brought a jar with me to my friend’s house)

Whenever my friends want me to go to a party or clubbing (where there won’t be food…)

I get really excited if it’s Saturday. Because it means the next day is Sunday. Sundays are my long run days.  Long runs = more than my usual amount of FOOD

Whenever I see the wait(ress) bringing out my meal…

…but then this happens

but that’s all okay because I get to have this happen

Food Coma. And now I’ll be well rested for my next meal


Ha! That was a fun post to make!  I hope you enjoyed it.  What food confessions do you have? 😉


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<3 Carmy

24 thoughts on “Confession of Someone Who’s Always Rungry!

    • Yes! I get uncontrollably mad if people I’m eating with CAN’T DECIDE what they want and I’m just WAITINGGGG + if there’s a long line and I’m hungry… I will want to just cry haha

  1. I really love PB straight from the jar. That’s usually how I eat it, especially just before bed. It makes a nice bedtime snack and keeps me pretty full.

    I can’t turn down free samples in Costco. Love em.

    • Omg yes. My BF is always like “what are you doing?!” when I eat it straight from the jar. But it tastes way better that way! And yes. Samples at Costco makes the long drive there worth it! Hahaha

  2. Hahaha this is so me! I get super rungry/hangry. My husband knows when it’s coming and he tries to prevent it, but god help the person that gets between me and my food!

    • Sometimes I feel like how pooh bear is with his honey! If I could eat it without a spoon without judgement … I’m pretty sure I would. LOL there was an episode of Friends where Joey wanted peanut butter fingers on the wedding menu 😉

  3. For me, it is ultimately more about hydration than food. I can go a good long time without food (not necessarily a good thing based on my history), but I really get bogged down and grumpy if I get dehydrated, and then get headaches and exhausted as well!

    • oh man. I once considered drinking coke after my run because that was literally the ONLY thing in the house other than tap (our filter broke!!) I was so cranky and just ate as much watermelon as I could!!

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