Currently… (May 2016)


Currently…  I am in limbo. I’m still on the fence about a fall goal race and haven’t signed up for anything yet so I’m a little lost!

Currently… I am hitting the gym a lot. I got H a GoodLife Fitness gym 6 month membership so now I have a gym buddy to help me out because while I’m good at knowing how to work my lower body, my upper body needs a lot of work.

Currently… I’m working on a top secret project that I cannot wait to share with everyone. Stay tuned for it in July!

Currently… I’m working on finding the joy in running again. Every since my goal race, I’ve been wanting to get wander in the trails and not do any specific runs.

Currently… I’ve started vlogging! Click here to check them out! Here’s my most recent one

Currently… I’ve finished my undergrad at the University of Toronto and am working on achieving balance between work and running now that my schedule is no longer letting me sleep in and still run before going to class and work.

Currently… I’ve been debating about doing a triathlon. Because why not? Haha

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11 thoughts on “Currently… (May 2016)

  1. I’d hardly say you’re in “limbo”. You’re training! You don’t have a specific goal race in mind, but in the end of the day, such races are merely milestones on the general journey of health. I think you’re moving along quite well with a lot of gym days. I bet you’re progressing!

    I’m curious to hear about this secret project!

  2. oooh a secret project eh? Looking forward to hearing about it!

    I know how you feel about not really having any specific goals ahead, running-wise but there’s something about it all that makes going for a run a little more enjoyable. No pressure on yourself to meet any specific times or distances and just feeling it 🙂

    What’s your potential fall goal? STWM?

  3. I have to remind myself that if I’m working out regularly, it’s ok not to have a specific goal. Sometimes it’s good just to do things that make your body stronger.

    Can’t wait to hear about the secret project.

  4. Congrats on graduating! The work-life balance is definitely the worst thing about not being a student anymore! BUT, it looks like you have developed pretty great habits, which puts you ahead of the game!

  5. It’s ok to not be sure where to go next. Sometimes, it takes time to make some decisions.

    Congratulations on graduation! That’s fantastic!

    I was thinking about a tri, but it turns out that Mr PugRunner isn’t exactly on board with the swim portion. I respect his concerns so I am looking more at a biathlon instead to compromise. Either will be a challenge and something different.

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