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Currently…. Volume 1: JAN 2015

Happy 2015! It’s been a while since I’ve done a coffee date or an update post on how I’m doing so today I’m doing a “currently” post instead of my usual virtual coffee date!



…excited to announce that I’m a digital champion/ambassador for The Yonge Street 10k race in Toronto.

…enjoying the last few days of my winter break

…starting my 2015 training! I actually have been skipping a few runs the last few weeks due to the holidays so my mileage dropped to 25kish from 35kish which isn’t bad for the holidays!

…excited because I did quite a bit of boxing day shopping and I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY GOODIES TO COME IN!

…feeling tired because I’m way too old to be staying out past 11pm during the holidays LOL (but runs don’t count!)

…in love with washi tape and card sending! I’ve received and sent so many holiday cards the last month. I felt so warm and fuzzy opening my mailbox and getting post cards from my friend’s travel and Christmas cards instead of bills!

…eating a lot of COOKIE BUTTER. Thanks to Rebecca for bringing me some when she came to visit Toronto!

…watching a lot of FRIENDS. OMG Friends is on Netflix Canada and I’ve been on a binge! I’m so happy they’ve added Friends to the list.

So those are my current thoughts.  What are yours?

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12 thoughts on “Currently…. Volume 1: JAN 2015

  1. Yay for being a #TYS10K ambassador! I actually don’t know any of the other ambassadors (other than Lauren) – so now I have many more runner friends to chat with in twitter :-)there is never enough runner friends.

    Did you finish the cookie butter yet? I heard a rumour that The Superstore has a brand of cookie butter. I’m interesting in a taste test comparison

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