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Currently…. Volume 2: FEB 2015

It’s almost the end of February! It’s been a while since I’ve done a coffee date or an update post on how I’m doing so today I’m doing a “currently” post!



…ready for winter to be over with

…enjoying whatever sunshine I can soak up during the day

…starting to focus on my core. yes I say this a million and one times but I totally mean it this time!

…excited because I started a new blog on my love of paper related things and it’s going well. I have been in love with sending snail mail!

…feeling tired because school has been taking a lot of my time

…watching Friends AGAIN. So happy it’s on Netflix because it’s my 5th time watching it haha! And so happy Castle and The Blacklist is back!!

…eating a lot of McDonalds. I’m sorry but it’s the only place nearby opened 24hrs and sometimes studying til 2 am means it’s the fastest option!

…listening to Sugar by Maroon 5. My BF better be careful if Adam shows up at our wedding to perform 😉 haha

So those are my current thoughts.  What are yours?

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17 thoughts on “Currently…. Volume 2: FEB 2015

  1. I’m currently way too tired of this winter as well. Spring just has to come soon, right? Looking forward to having the Caveman home from Atlanta tonight but taking my oldest to the airport so she and the rest of her class of 2019 can take Washington DC by storm.

  2. Winter can’t end soon enough! I’m really hoping March brings true Spring weather!
    I love the Sugar music video – it is SO cute. & Adam Levine is one of my celeb crushes too 😉

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