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DIY Agility Ladder

A couple days ago, I made a blog post about my sudden increase in washi tape.  Washi tape is very renter friendly – it is easy to apply and very easy to remove plus it’s reusable!

From Pinterest

So as I dug around Pinterest for wall art, something occurred to me.  I used agility ladders when training in Muay Thai and I loved it!  However, I didn’t want to spend $30+ and commit to an agility ladder that may or may not get lost as I move around (renting/student life!) so if washi tape worked on walls, why not on the ground?!

DIY agility ladder


It’s so simple!  All I did was grab a few rolls and measured out how far I wanted them to be from each other and taped it down!

DIY Agility Ladder


Best part is you can peel it off and wrap it around something like a water bottle to save to reuse for next time if you don’t want tape on your hardwood floors!  Because I plan on removing it when no in use, I didn’t bother taping out the length but if you have a spare room to work out in then go nuts and make it as fancy as you want!

Masking tape is a good/cheaper alternative but I’m not sure how usable it is compared to washi tape.  Totally not a ground breaking discovery or anything but now I have an agility ladder that I didn’t spend a ton on and will not have to worry about losing!

Do you have any fun fitness DIYs?


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