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Don’t Rush It.

Today on the Canadian Running Magazine’s website, there was a live Q&A session with our very own Canadian runner Lanni Marchant – cue me fan girling for a good hour as she answered questions.

While sifting through her answers, I found this gem (regarding marathon racing) and wanted to share

Lanni: Run the first 8 miles like someone is holding you back, the next 8 miles like you have someone running beside you, the next 8 miles like someone is pulling you forward and then giver hell for the final part of the race

I just wanted to say that that is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve read and can be applied to any distance.

Remember the saying “slow and steady wins the race?”  A lot of us start out fast whether it’s due to your body wanted to go-go-go after tapering, the crowd mentality around us, or your ego not wanted to be past by other runners.  But not everyone can hold on to that adrenaline soaked pace at the starting line and you end up paying for it in the second half of the race when your body runs out of fuel.

It’s hard to hold yourself back but think of all the people in races that whiz past you at the beginning that you end up passing later on when they’re losing steam or walking on the side despite them never experiencing that while they do their training runs.  That’s what happens when you do all out at the start.  And yes, I know sometimes you just want to let loose and go zoom zoom zoom but try and hold back and once you near the end of the race, forget pacing and let yourself go however you want.


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