Fall Favourites + a Giveaway

I really cannot believe it is November! It’s really a shock that 2016 is almost at a close and it feels like 2015 was a blink of an eye ago. Anyways, today I am sharing my fall favourites along with a giveaway of one of my favourite items!



I picked up this super lightweight Canada Goose shell during the summer so I cannot for the life of me find out the name of it. But it was just perfect for my trip where I had spent 4 days in Montreal. It kept me warm and dry in the rain. It has a removable hood and it’s thin enough that I can just throw it on over a t-shirt and be warm or I can layer it with a sweater if it’s slightly cooler. Lots of pockets like the typical Canada Goose design which means I’ll probably take it to Portugal with me next week (sorry I won’t have any blog posts next week!) for the evenings when the weather goes from 20+ degrees to 12 and I’m too lazy to wear extra layers haha. But honestly, there are 6 pockets on the front alone. SIX.

fall favourites

fall favourites

This pull over hoodie from adidas that is one of the comfiest hoodies I’ve worn. It inside is so soft! Sadly, I don’t wear it out too often because I’m scared of dropping food on it haha. I’m all about cozy hoodies during the fall and will live in them practically.

Creamy Avocado Pasta

This creamy avocado pasta (click for recipe) that I’ve been making. I’ve been hoarding avocados the last few weeks for some odd reason (might have something to do with me making all the guac…) and so I’ve had a bunch of avocado left over! So a creamy avocado pasta dish it is! I feel like this could totally have more fall vibes if you switch out the pasta with maybe squash pasta instead or cook it with some fall veggies such as carrots, cauliflower, or kale!


These seasonal Clif Bars! Iced Gingerbread and Spice Pumpkin Pie is back and available for a limited time! Jen and I fuelled with Ice Gingerbread in Montreal between meals and I loved that it tasted just like gingerbread. It reminded me of Christmas and that gingerbread season is right around the corner. Made with 70% organic ingredients and filled with 23 vitamins & minerals, it is perfect as a midday snack or fuel.


Speaking of gingerbread… Gingerbread Latte line from Bath and Body Works because I am really to get into the festive season!

Can you all tell I’m ready for fall and getting into the festive spirit? Sweaters and gingerbread could be my new screen name for the season. Anyways, because I’m in love with fall and am loving the seasonal bars from Clif Bar, Clif bar and I have teamed up for a giveaway. Enter down below! Prize: seasonal bars + gift pack from Clif Bar. Opened to: Canada.

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QOTD: What are your fall favourites?

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26 thoughts on “Fall Favourites + a Giveaway

  1. It has been an odd fall, so it’s a bit of back and forth getting into the seasonal warm woollies.

    I remember that there used to be a Peppermint GU which was only available before Christmas. Seasonal running products FTW!

  2. Love avocado pasta! I usually buy a bunch of the hot cocoa Cliff Bars for the girls and hubby but I haven’t this year since we have so many other bars. Love gingerbread and just picked up the Spiced Gingerbread Candles and wallflowers today (daily deal for $2.95) from B&B today!

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