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Feburary 2017 Goals Recap

Monthly Goals with Ange and Carmy

Am I the only one surprised that February is almost over? It felt like new years was yesterday! However, I guess it’s a good thing since my data plan is about to run out! Haha!

Run and lift 3 times a week

Sooooo I kind of had a lot of trouble with this one. I ended up doing 8 runs in the last 23 days and 7 cross training sessions. At the end of the day, I had a total of 15 sweat sessions (lifting, cycling, pilates) within 23 days! Not bad considering I was sick for a while! I think starting next month, I’ll have to change the way I look at my goals as at the moment, I don’t think trying to fit in 3 runs and 3 lifting sessions a week into my schedule is feasible.

Work on my budget

I’m surprised actually that I stuck to this. While I still spent money on food, I spent less on going out and more on ingredients to make my own food at home! Not bad. I think I’m going to need to set smaller goals with budgeting. I think I was a bit overwhelmed by “budget” in general. To expand on this, I think I’m going to work on getting an excel sheet up and running. If anyone has any tips, be sure to share!

QOTD: Did you hit your goals this month?


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Monthly Goals with Ange and Carmy

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3 thoughts on “Feburary 2017 Goals Recap

  1. Budgeting. It depends on what your goal is.
    My budget details expenses I can’t avoid, and savings, and then the rest is flexible. The amount of money I have to spend on stuff like food and entertainment is fixed, but I don’t budget for groceries or going out, because those can change month to month. I really just adjust – if I go out to eat, that means I need to be more frugal with groceries.

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