Friday Five: People Who Motivate Me

TGIF! Today I’ll be doing something I haven’t done in months: Friday Five linkup by Courtney, Mar and Cynthia. This week, they chose the theme 5 People Who Motivate Me. This was definitely not an easy list for me to narrow down so I’m going to try my best… there’s my 5 in no particular order!

friday1. My Running Friends. It’s definitely motivating to be surrounded by a group of lovely ladies (and gents) in the Toronto running community. We come from all walks of life (kids, no kids, dogs, 10 dogs, no dogs, lawyers, nurses, young, old) and it’s amazing seeing how everyone is able to carve out time almost daily to get their run in.

2. My Coach. I’m a people pleaser so having a coach is a major motivator. I never want to let anyone down so I always try to nail every workout given to me.

3. My TeamI have teammates that are decades older than me that can kick my behind – in like a drop of a hat! We have people runner 15 minute 5ks, winning races, and ultramarathons. Being surrounded by people who have such a passion for running really lights a fire under my butt. We train in pretty much the same conditions – rain or shine so I really have no excuse to not be doing my workouts when they’re out there doing theirs.

4. My Boyfriend. I like knowing that I can outrun him. Eventually I’ll be able to out sprint him 😉

5. My blog readers and Instagram followers! I LOVE getting messages from people who happened to stumble upon my blog or Instagram and take the time to email me that I’ve inspired them to start running/not give up/run more/race more. It’s motivating knowing that through doing what I love, I managed to make a positive impact on someone’s life!

So tell me, Who motivates you? What motivates you?

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26 thoughts on “Friday Five: People Who Motivate Me

    • hahahaha we used to do 10k+ together but now I’ve taken it to a different level and he decided to focus on shorter distances . Hope you have a great weekend too Mar!

  1. Awesome list! I like that you grouped them, rather than named specific people for the most part. I have to say that I’m jealous that you can out run your boyfriend… I’m PRETTY sure I’ll never be able to out run Mike. haha! But that’s okay. When the timing is right and I ask really, really nicely, I can force him to pace me in races. 😛

  2. My blog readers & IG followers are among my biggest inspirations too 🙂 When I know that even 1 person is benefiting from something I’m putting out into the universe it just makes me want to be the best version of myself and keep giving back to them

  3. The blogging community is awesome for this reason. I would also add that my students motivate me: they show up each week to take my group fitness classes and work their tails off.

  4. I am motivated by people on instagram as well! After this past marathon I know that I need to work on more miles, so I’d like to join a team but it just makes me nervous! I am always so awkward when first meeting people lol

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