Fitness Friday

So since I’m injured and coach has me doing “easy” runs only, I wanted to share the mini circuit I’ll be doing today instead of running since I got myself a wee bit of a strained groin ):



Today my circuit will be 20 lunges, 60 second plank, 60 second wall sit and 20 squats.  I’ll be doing it at least three sets but switching out the 20 lunges with crunches after the first set due to my groin strain.

One of the reasons I’m probably getting injured might be due to my weak core.  After school start, core work and diet has been on the back burner and so this circuit so get my core going!  This should be a nice circuit to do between my studying today.

That’s all for now … got 20 chapters to catch up on ):

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9 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. It seems like a bad idea to do leg exercises that use your hip muscles when you have a strained groin. I agree it would be good to strengthen them, but I would wait until your pain is gone. Otherwise, you could irritate it further. That’s what my physical therapist always tells me.

    • Most of the pain is gone luckily. just a very sore now ): so that’s why the lunges will be switched out for crunches after the first set. I wanna use it as a tester to see how I’m feeling/where I’m at! But thank goodness there’s no pain with the squats, I think I’d die if I couldn’t squat haha

  2. I came over from the link up and can relate to being injured. I have not worked out for 2 months as a result. Today was the first day I could do a 4 minute HIIT without it hurting. I am going to try again to see if I can do a little longer 🙂

    • Thanks for swinging by! I cannot imagine having to take 2 months off. taking 2 weeks off was enough to make me go stir crazy!! Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

      • pfffssssh!! I could not have imagined taking 2 months off either! It has been an ongoing thing over the past couple years where it’ll keep me out for a week or 2 but this is the longest and it has me a bit spooked. Buuuut, I am staying positive and doing lots of proactive things to help it heal 🙂

        Thanks for stopping by and letting me know the images weren’t showing on my post. I was able to fix it.

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