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Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover

You know what I hate doing? Figuring out what to buy for others during the holiday season! I’m pretty decent when it comes to finding gifts randomly that makes me think of a friend. I’ll pick up a gift and set it aside and wait for the holiday/gifting season. However once the holidays hits, I feel like I’m scrambling for gifts for people who I haven’t grabbed anything for throughout the year!

BUT THIS YEAR I am going to attempt to be prepared! I have a short list below of things that I have picked up as gifts this year that pretty much works for any fitness lover. So if you’re stumped on a gift, see if my guide down below will solve your problem!

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

1 |  Go Sport Blender from Hamilton Beach

This blender is amazing. It is an insulated, double-wall 20oz bottle that doubles as the jar/bowl/whatever you call the part you put fruit in the blender. This means you can make a single serving smoothie, pop out the bottle, snap on the sappy spout part, and go off to the gym! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

2 | Polar M400

Still my go to gift to a fitness lover who doesn’t have a watch! You can read my review of the Polar M400 here. It has everything you need to lure a friend of yours into working out with you 😉 And look at the colours they come in!


3 | Wash Me Organizer Bag

Guys, my BF’s gym bag smells SO bad because he just leaves his used gym clothes in his bag. This organizer bag will 1. keep his dirty and clean clothes (and shoes) separate and 2. throw in something that smells nice or scent neutralizer in there and boom, scent be gone!

4 | Twiga Leggings

I got the Isabella leggings a few weeks ago and I am in love with them. These leggings are perfect for an under 18 fitness lover in your life. I loved that you got to personalize these. I put my name on mine and hey, if you have multiple minis in your life, this prevents them from fighting over who’s leggings belongs to who’s.


5 | S’well Bottle

Seriously, you can never have too many of these! I have 3! I’d love one of each colour haha.

Need more ideas? Click here for a Gift Guide for Runners and here for some Under $20 Stocking Stuffers for Runners.

QOTD: What’s on your holiday wish list?

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*disclaimer, none of these are affiliate links because let’s be honest, I’m feeling a bit lazy today haha.

12 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover

  1. I think most of my Christmas stuff (for me) is done….there have been some great sales and deals of stuff that I “needed,” so I snagged the good and called it all mine (running shoes, a Garmin, race memorabilia, and misc. cold weather gear). I’m still working on my gifts for others…almost done 😉

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