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Friday Favourites


TGIF right?! I am SO ready for the weekend. So in my August goals, I challenged myself to do a “fun” run sooooooo tomorrow Allison and I are going to run Mud Hero. Cross your fingers for me guys haha. Anyways, Friday means… Friday Favourites! So here’s this month’s favourite.

Polar V800


I didn’t charge my watch all week but the battery charge lasted me all week! Way to go V800! It is one tough cookie haha.



So I’ve been wearing my Birks to work recently and omg game changer. My feet definitely hurts less when I’m wearing my Birks. Why did I not do this earlier?!

This Gif




I want to live my life like these puppies lives theirs.



I know there are mixed feelings on this book but I’ve (slowly but surely) been reading Wild on the way to and from work. So far I’m enjoying it. It was a rough start to be honest. When she writes about her loss of her mother, it really hit home. When I lost my mum, it felt like the world came crashing down – the rawness in her voice, resonated with the wound that I have to this day. Anyways, those thoughts aside I would love any recommendations on books on running, hiking, or exploring in general.

The Final Verse

Again – tearing up because all the feels from this video. I watched it last night (I’m way behind on everything, I know!) and just fell in love with it. My favourite line is definitely at the beginning: “There is a war you wage on yourself every time you attempt to do better.” Every time I go do a work out, I’m essentially pushing myself to do better than I previously did – no one else, just me myself and I. At the end of the day, we (or at least I am!) are competing to do their best out there.

Anyways, I hope everyone has an amazing Friday! I finally get to see the mister after two weeks today so I’m super happy that the weekend is now here!

QOTD: Any weekend plans? Any reading recommendations?

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  1. For some reason my computer isn’t loading the first gif or the video, but I do love the other puppy gifs! I have a dachsund mix so I especially appreciate dogs in buns. 🙂

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