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This is going to be a “speak from the heart” type of post so please ignore any grammatical errors that pops up!

I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you! Recently, I’ve post some personal things – about my weight gain, negative thoughts, and how I’ve been struggling with my running. The supportive comments, those who’ve shared the post, and reached out to me have really made my day. I really appreciate every comment I’ve gotten even if I haven’t had the time to respond to all of them. While I know there is a lot of negativity online, I’m very happy to have carved up this little place on the internet where I’m surrounded by such a positive supportive community. I’ve made friends from Instagram that I Facebook message or text daily. I would consider some of these girls my best friends – girls I’d do anything for. It really is an amazing community.

In addition, you may have noticed that I’ve had a slight increase in sponsored content recently. Like I state in every sponsored post that I am thankful for the support of me and the brands that are supporting me, I’m saying it again. I only partner up with brands that are inline with what I believe in and enjoy and recently, I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to collaborate. It’s only recently that I’ve started getting compensation and I’ve been elated over it. This blog cost money – I pay for hosting fees, the time I spend on my blog I could be at work, I pay for equipment such as Adobe, cameras, my GoPro, and more. While I can always say “no more blogging then!” I much rather not. As mentioned earlier, I’ve found a community of support and would love to stay a part of it. I’m beyond happy that I’m finally making some money to recoup my costs. And I just wanted to thank everyone that made this possible. If it wasn’t for readers, I would not be here. So thank you for reading my blog, commenting, tweeting, and more! Y’all the best.

QOTD: What are you thankful for today?

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15 thoughts on “Friends, Readers, Community

  1. I agree with you – the compensation bloggers get doesn’t mean your a sell out or you are trying to get rich. Blogging is what we love to do, and like any freelance job (essentially that is what we are), you should be compensated by the companies who want to use your space for advertising rather than more expensive print magazines. It’s a win/win for everyone. I think it’s amazing how blogging has grown and the ones that do it well are doing a great job and deserve the compensation they get. high five to you for finding your happy place!

  2. love this! agree, getting compensated doesnt mean were loaded- honestly, it costs a lot of $$ to run a blog and its nice if we just break even.

  3. The blogging community is actually pretty awesome. There really is a ton of support. I like that you work only with brands that you truly believe in. That way your reviews are authentic.

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