Let’s Go On An Adventure: Hamilton

Let me just start off by saying last minute trips seem to be my jam. So when I decided that I wanted to go on a mini adventure with the guys, it was off we went. Unplanned! I’m pretty sure my exact text was “let’s go find some waterfalls!!!!!” So let’s see what I got myself into.

Let's Go On An Adventure! Hamilton, ON

We met up around 11AM because like I said, it was pretty unplanned so we didn’t do the logical “let’s wake up early and head out” route. While driving out, we drove by Big Bone BBQ in Markham and decided that  ribs and fries would be our choice of fuel for our hike in Hamilton.


I had a nice chuckle at their tag line and between the four of us, we were unable to finish 2 servings of the dinners as it came with fries, beans, and corn bread on top of the rack of ribs. Clearly we were off to a good start for the day! Haha! But not to worry, we were going to work it off. Promise.

Back on route, we decided that our first stop would be the Devil’s Punch Bowl which is part of the Bruce Trail.


It was an easy walk but in order for us to get inside the “punch bowl” that we saw from up top on the observation area, you have to go off the trail a little and then (because I’m short) shimmy down a ledge and follow the sound of water! The Devil’s Punch Bowl is said to have originated 450 million years ago and just seeing the exposed rock was amazing. Due to the waterfall itself was mostly dried up to a trickle, I was able to explore and check out the wall up close.


It was definitely worth the little shimmy off path (I also saw a snake!) as the punch bowl itself had these cool little rock people. Of course I had to take a photo with it.

So since I had demanded that the trip would be all about finding waterfalls, we finished up our hike at the Devil’s Punch Bowl and headed over to Webster’s Fall.


Clearly it was not my day as instead of finding waterfalls at a place with the words “falls” in its name, we somehow ended off path and wandered the woods for a while. Luckily for me, the wilderness survival skills that I have pales in comparison to these two pictured. And by pales I mean they have more in their pinky fingers than I do overall but hey, I can out run them so I’ve got that going for me at least 😉

We wandered around for a bit, enjoying the nature around us before moving on to our next stop before we were to lose sunlight. So after climbing up a very steep hill, we somehow made it back to the car and decided to head to Eramosa Karst. Eramosa Karst’s description said that it would be filled with underground caves and streams, meadows and forests so I was sold!


Once again, no waterfalls but I didn’t care – I was having a blast! We found these little caves where if we had the proper gear packed, we could have gone caving/spelunking! Sadly, we didn’t bring any equipment with us and even I knew better than to head in without gear so we were only able to explore the outer areas.


It was a pretty cool experience as it’s not often that you find these spots within Toronto. I’m not really sure how long we ended up wandering around (this time we stayed on path!) but by the time the sun was about to go down, I was exhausted. So being the cheesy person I am, we stopped by Bitten and got me a whoopie pie to-go and stopped by Lush so I could end the day with a bath bomb!


Overall, it was quite the way to spend our day! Who would have known that my desire to look at some waterfalls would lead to us hiking in three different areas of Hamilton and end with me having a whoopie pie.

QOTD: Where are your favourite hiking spots? How do you usually plan a trip (assuming you don’t demand to see waterfalls on random mornings)?


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63 thoughts on “Let’s Go On An Adventure: Hamilton

  1. Yay for hiking! 😀 I haven’t gone in a while (quite unfortunately) but am hoping to again at some point (hopefully soon)! *-* Hamilton looks like such a fun place to explore! :]

  2. It looks like you really enjoyed the hike! The surroundings of Toronto are truly beautiful and have so many hidden gems.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with the unplanned trip. In my experience, those unplanned trip are more exciting and fun, compared to those you’ve planned months before. Always happened to us with my friends.

  4. I love this unplanned escape! I’m glad you were able to make it down into the punch bowl! I’m vertically challenged too 🙁
    We have not had much rain here at all especially the past couple of months so I can understand not seeing much of a waterfall!
    I really want to get a hike planned.

  5. I love the spontanious aspect of your trip! sometimes those are the best. Too bad you didn’t find any waterfalls but love the funny thing about it!

  6. I just love going on hiking adventure, and this one looks very cool. You even found caves? That’s pretty cool, sometimes these kind of unplanned trips are way more fun! And was also hoping that you could find a waterfall at the end.

  7. Beautiful!

    Hiking isn’t quite as interesting where I live, so we don’t really do it too often. I would love to be able to go out on some real trails.

  8. Unplanned trips are the best! It seems like Hamilton has a lot to offer for for nature-lovers. Scrambling through caves, hiking and searching for waterfalls (even if unsuccessful) sounds like a fantastic way to spend a day!

  9. Sounds like an epic day even though you didn’t find any falls – I love taking unplanned mini adventures – you never know what to expect but it always turns out being a fun day!

  10. I am such a random last second trip person as well! My boyfriend will wake up at like 11am on Saturday and be like let’s drive 3 hours to hike! Then we get stuck in the dark haha. It’s the adventure that counts.

    Also, most waterfalls in areas like this only are present when the snow is melting in spring or after rain, but it still looks like you had fun anways!

  11. Carmy in Australia we call off the path hiking “bush bashing”. Sounds quite rude doesnt it?! Regardless it is usually the best way to have an adventure and you certainly had one here. So glad you joined us on #FarawayFiles

  12. It looks like a fun trip! And it looks like you got to see a lot of cool things in spite of not finding the waterfalls 😉 I too love last-minute trips. It seems like they are the most fun in the end, since you are more open to letting things happen as they happen!

  13. Sounds like a great hike and I love that you were able to enjoy lots of yummy food before and after. It’s so good to do things on the spur of the moment sometimes – the experience is almost more special because of it. Thanks so much for linking up with #FarawayFiles

  14. I guess it’s typical when you go searching for waterfalls to not find any. At least you could explore the wall underneath of what used to be a waterfall, which is pretty cool. Seeing a snake though, it’s not.

  15. Finding small nooks, crannies and caves is the best part of hiking. Just recently went for a hike in Indonesia and loved it for that reason. Seems like you too had a lovely time. Cheers

  16. So…where is this and how to get there? (For those of us who might plan something, even an hour in advance). And ribs sounds like a good way to fuel up before a hike.

  17. Last moment plans mean you would not expect a lot from your trip and every small thing you encounter is fun and adventure and worth a memory, we believe its sole purpose is enjoyment and a delightful day amidst nature.

  18. How fun 🙂 This sounds like my type of ideal adventure. Love the picture of the friends inside the crack 😛 I love to pull up to a trail head with no expectations and hike from there (not really the best planner ;))

  19. this is a great way to spend the day. i would love to be part of this adventure myself. I love to go hiking or walking and trekking on undiscovered paths. Its alsways so exciting.

  20. Even though you didn’t find any waterfalls, it looks like you still had a great adventure! There are really quite a few places to hike in Georgia, but it’s been so long since I’ve been back, so….but South Korea is like the mountain-hiking capital it seems, so I get my exercise in! Great post!

  21. Wow, amazing you were able to go to waterfalls in 3 different spots, all in one day (and with a late start, no less!). Sounds like a wonderful day – the hiking and the BBQ, too!

    Seems we have a lot in common – I love exploring the outdoors, too! Would love to see more of Ontario. I grew up in Rochester, NY, so we used to visit Toronto a lot and Niagara Falls, but I haven;t seen much beyond that.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!


  22. I love Hamilton! It is the waterfall capital! There is so much to see there and the hiking is incredible. I have close friends who live there and we venture to new waterfalls every time we get together!

  23. That looks like a great day out, especially for adventure loves like myself! When I visited Niagara Falls I went straight to the falls and then back to Toronto, probably like most tourists. I wish I had known about Hamilton before!

  24. I love hiking and looks like you had an adventurous trip! Your pie looks delicious and I’d love to taste it! Thanks for sharing about your adventure with us!

  25. Random needs to hike is built into my Oregon Girl persona! Love this. Sweden and Norway are FANTASTIC for random hiking, but living in Copenhagen – I usually have to plan HOW to get there. Also – OREGON – duh. It’s amazeballs for hiking. Waterfalls, mountains, forests, beaches and we have a Devil’s Punchbowl there too! Cheers from Copenhagen and thanks for linking with #FarawayFiles – looking forward to what you have for us this week, Erin

  26. I’ve always heard about great hiking spots in Hamilton but have yet to explore! Next time I am home in Toronto I’ll have to do that… and try to find some waterfalls 😛

  27. Nice! I’ve never been to Hamilton, looks like I should be adding it to my list! I do love myself some exploring adventures! thanks for sharing 🙂

  28. Underground caves and streams – a combo intriguing enough for me to go exploring these kind of places. Loved reading that part about Ermosa Karst just for that. And I have had my share of unplanned trips that mostly led to having a good time eventually.

  29. Hamilton has been the last place that I would think of when searching for some outdoor adventures. These hiking trails look highly entertaining and something that I want to check out in the near future. However, the next time you find yourself in the Toronto area and are looking for an interesting outdoor adventure, then consider checking out Ball’s Falls. It’s a ghost town in the Niagara Region – just outside of Beamsville – and makes for a good hiking near the Niagara Escarpment if you plan on going to Niagara Falls for a couple of days, anyway.

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