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Monday on the Run: Happy Birthday Mizuno Wave Rider 20

Annnnnnd I’m back from Portugal! It was quite a blast and it was nice to be on holiday for a little while (even though I really didn’t want to leave!). Anyways, before leaving on vacation, I was invited to attend the 20th birthday of the Mizuno Wave Rider. And by attend I mean my oh so spoiled feet were one of the first in Canada to be in the Wave Rider 20! How awesome is that?!


So straight up, you all know I am a Wave Inspire kind of gal so you might be thinking why the Wave Riders. Well the answer is while I very much prefer a stability shoe, I can wear neutrals for non-running workouts… which was what Mizuno had in store for us.


Mizuno had us visiting energia athletics for either a crossfit or kettlebell workout. Having never done a kettlebell workout before, I picked kettlebell (which worked out great for me since I saw the crossfitters running up and down the staircase hahahahaha). We did burpees, core work, lifts, box jumps (well for me it was a box stand up…) and even tossed medicine balls.



Krama: after laughing at crossfit doing stairs, I (in the black leggings) had to do burpees.

My first impression of the shoe was holy crap it is so cushy and soft. My second impression was that despite being so cushioned, the shoe was light. So what happened between the Wave Rider 19 and 20? Mizuno has introduced the cloud wave which 1. gives you a softer cushion on heel impact and 2. gives you a more efficient energy transfer moving from foot strike to launch. The U4icX in the heel provides both greater shock absorption on landing and increased energy return from heel to toe. U4ic provides a softer, longer lasting response. And finally, the triple zone mesh equates to exceptional breathability and movement.

Sadly, I did not get to bring these bad boys home with me. However, the Wave Inspires instead are on their way to me! Stay tuned for a full review once I get them and run a couple miles in them.

QOTD: What is the current shoe you work out in? Are you excited for the Wave Rider 20s?

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11 thoughts on “Monday on the Run: Happy Birthday Mizuno Wave Rider 20

  1. I’d choose the kettlebell workout, too! lol! I use Brooks Adrenaline GTS but I am having an issue with the toe box being too narrow on this model so I may have to find something else. I have a wide foot and have a tough time with anything fitting.

  2. I am also a Wave Inspire girl. I haven’t tried the Riders, but they look great. I usually work out in my old Inspires, or in my Altras or Adidas Ultra Boosts.

    Glad you loved these!

  3. Hold up! You got to test the shoes but you didn’t get to bring them home? So what did Mizuno do with them after you sweated them up? I would be tempted to try these…they sound very similar to my beloved Asics Gel Nimbus but from what I’ve heard, less cushioning.

  4. I will be VERY interested to hear what you think of the new Wave Inspires when you get them. I loved loved LOVED my WI 8’s. I got them as a “last season” shoe (a few years ago), so I skipped the 9’s and 10’s…..and got the 11’s when they came out. Liked them, but they just weren’t as great as those beloved 8’s. I’m currently in Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16’s

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