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Helly Hansen Christmas Haul!

Disclaimer: My BF paid for all of this for my Christmas gift … aka I picked it all out and he came flying in at the end to try and take all the credit LOL. Pretty sure he’s been doing this every year which I’m a-okay with because this means I’ll always like the gift 😉

My Christmas gift came!! And because I’m an adult, I reserved the right to open my gifts whenever I want instead of waiting for Christmas day! LOL! Unless my BF hid these from me, there was no way I wasn’t going to open it right away.  I was so excited when my package came in but then mother nature decided to warm up Toronto! And by warm up I mean 8-10 degrees (aka around 47-50 for my American friends) so I sadly have to wait before breaking these goodies out!

Anyways, I just wanted to share what I got from Helly Hansen! (Not pictured below are the HH Warm Pants in Black and a duffel bag in black)


Challenger Jacket 2 in Megenta!  It has a wind and waterproof soft outer shell.  H2Flow temperature regulating technology which is pretty cool as according to their website, the “H2Flow allows you to control your body’s temperature. The insulation concept uses air to provide warmth and ventilation and lets you control the airflow that cools you down when necessary.”  You can “open” some of the pockets around the chest area to let some of the heat leave your body to prevent overheating.


VTR Core Tights in Black (and pink) because who doesn’t need more black running tights?! And of course there had to be some pink 😉 It has a little pocket for your keys on the right side.finishedHH3edit

Pacer Winter Tights in Black (and pink again) because why not? Black tights are never going to go out of style! LOL!  Anyways, I’m not too sure about these ones.  There’s a difference in thickness like advertised and it feels a bit like it may slip off my butt :/ It’s tight around the knees/calves but a bit loose higher up so we’ll see how they do on a run.  This pair has a pocket in the back instead of the side (excuse my butt as I attempt to show the pocket, the fabric around the butt is actually slightly different than the rest of the pants).finishedHHedit1

Feather Jacket in Ice Blue…wasn’t picked by me.  He grabbed one for himself so he thought it’d be nice if we’d match so he got me the blue version of his black (dude…if you ever get around to reading this then this better mean you’re running with me!)  Like advertised, it is very light weight and like my Brooks jacket, it has its own self storing pocket which is why I don’t think I would have picked it out myself since I already have a similar one by hey, you can never have too many wind breakers when running! Right?! Haha, regardless, I love it since he picked it out 🙂

Anyways, that’s what I got for Christmas so far!!  This is the first time I’ve gotten anything from HH so I’m excited to try it out.  Have you tried HH? Do you open gifts early like I do? (I have a paper cut from opening another gift early too…heh) What are you hoping you get for Christmas??

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter my 5Peaks Race Entry giveaway! 🙂 Happy Holidays everybody!

<3 Carmy

PS if you’re wondering, BF got himself HH warm top, a Feather jacket in Black, a red tee shirt, a black long sleeve, and some boots.  Maybe another top.
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<3 Carmy

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