Hey It’s Okay…

Hey, It's Okay....

…to not be able to cook a Turkey for the holidays

…if the only green drink you have this holiday season is a mojito

…to have seconds of everything

…to take a couple runs off and enjoy the holidays

…to add a few extra runs to avoid your family

…to buy a gift (or two…or three…okay FOUR) gifts for yourself from yourself

…to not care about the holidays

…to forget to put up your lights and when you finally do it, forget to take them down

…to not want to attend holiday/new years parties

…to regret not doing your holiday shopping earlier

…to be yourself.

Hoping you guys are having a rocking weekend! What are your “It’s Okay….”‘s?

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10 thoughts on “Hey It’s Okay…

    • You’re the best! You’ll have to kick my butt out of the kitchen though cause I tend to steal/sneak at least half the mash potatoe before the meal starts

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