What’s in my Travel Bag (Montréal)

I cannot believe it is October already. Just the other day, I got a letter in the mail telling me that it has been almost 6 months since I’ve graduated from the University of Toronto. SIX! I cannot believe how much time has passed. (The letter was to remind me that my 6 month grace period is almost over so I have to start paying back my student loans! Ha!)

Anyways, as a fun little girls trip/graduation trip/I love you to the moon and back trip, I purchased tickets to Montréal via Porter for Jennifer and I since we literally did nothing to celebrate our graduation in the last 6 months! Jennifer and I have been friends since grade 9 and somehow we both made it through high school and university without a hitch so why not celebrate that? This girl has been through so much with me, from my making her run the Nike Women’s 15K, me getting her lost on a 10K+ trail adventure, and she is one of the talented few who help me take photos for my blog and Instagram!

ANYWAYS, enough of me gushing over Jennifer. Back to Montréal. We’re going to be gone for 4 days 3 nights and because I really didn’t feel like lugging my suitcase around for the trip, I’ll only be bringing a carry on, my backpack. If you saw my suitcase for Ottawa, you’d know I’m a fan of packing the house and then some but for Montréal, I really wanted to work on packing light so here’s what I’m bringing!

What's in my Travel Bag (Montréal)

The Bag

I’ll be bringing this adidas x Team Canada bag with me that Michelle bravely won for me by chasing down an Olympian. It proved to itself to me in New York as I carried two people’s worth of post run things and my own stuff as I watched my friends race the NB 5th Ave Mile. It has a ton of little pockets that I am able to use to help compartmentalize and it is super comfy to carry on my back.

What's in my Travel Bag (Montréal)

What's in my Travel Bag (Montréal)

What's in my Travel Bag (Montreal)

The Food

No bag of mine is complete without all the snacks! As you know, Clif Bar is all about “Feed Your Adventure” so there is no way I’m heading off to my little adventure without them! I’ll be doing a few runs while in Montréal so I have my Bloks and Shots to keep my energy up during the run (considering I got Jennifer and I lost in the woods… we’re going to need energy in Montréal!) and a few bars to get through the day. Note the seasonal flavours: Iced Gingerbread and Spiced Pumpkin Pie? It is the best. One of the reasons I love Clif Bar is their commitment to be an environmentally responsible company such as making their product organic.

Clif Bar product pictured:

Clif Bar – Iced Gingerbread (Seasonal), Spiced Pumpkin Pie (Seasonal), Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch, 70% Organic Ingredients These are great to tuck into your pocket or bag for on-the-go snacking.
Clif Shot Gel – Razz, Chocolate, and Vanilla. These are perfect for traveling due to their Litter Leash packaging so I can make sure nothing is littered while I’m off exploring.
Clif Bloks – Citus, Mountain Berry, Tropical Punch, USDA Organic I absolutely lived off these for multiple training cycles. Even when not training, I love taking a block when I need an energy boost.
Clif Organic Trail Bar – Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Raspberry, Non-GMO, Gluten Free I LOVE these! They’re great for snacking on-the-go and they’re a great source of fibre with 12% of your daily need.

I also have some Krave Beef Jerky for my bag to keep my munchies in check as I will be waking up at the crack of dawn to catch my flight. I am not pleasant when hungry, trust me, so this should keep me happy until we land and get some breakfast in me! I am currently obsessed with the two flavours shown up above, Black Cherry Barbecue and Sweet Chipotle. I love beef jerky for road trips and long car rides but sometimes I just want a little more than just regular old beef and Krave has really filled in that craving for me.

What's in my Travel Bag (Montréal)

The Gadgets and Little Things

I’ll be packing my Polar V800, HR strap, GoPro Hero 4, iPod, Benadryl, Aleeve, travel wallet, Samsung S7, phone charger, Swell bottle, sunglasses, a moleskin, 2 pens, and maybe my laptop (it’ll be a last minute decision).

What's in my Travel Bag (Montréal)

What's in my Travel Bag (Montréal)


I’ll be packing 3 shirts, 2 pairs of leggings, 1 pair of shorts, a swim suit (Bota Bota here I come!), 5 pairs of under garments, 2 pairs of shoes (potentially switching my Birks for my Toms based on the weather), 1 hat, 1 scarf for the plane, and 3 pairs of socks. I’m not too overly concerned about laundry as I’ll be at an AirBnB and can always do a quick wash. This is actually the least amount of clothes I have packed to date (I brought like 10 shirts and two dresses with me to Ottawa!! Ha!) so I’m actually pretty proud of myself. Plus I’ll have whatever I’m wearing on the plane (i.e. a sweater/jacket).

Whew. I think that’s everything!

QOTD: What’s in your travel bag/carry on? Did I miss anything? What is the first thing you pack?

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What's in my Travel Bag (Montreal)

Disclaimer: Major shout outs to Clif Bar for helping me feed my adventure in Montreal! And to my dear readers, I appreciate your support of the brands who make this blog possible! 

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61 thoughts on “What’s in my Travel Bag (Montréal)

  1. Bravo!! Another team carry-on-only member! I love posts of people sharing what and how they pack for their activities, trips and adventures. I enjoyed yours a lot, mostly the part of snacks, ’cause I normally leave that part to the very end and finish buying the last minute snack at the airport!!

  2. When I was in greece & italy these last 2 weeks, I wore a fanny pack all day every day and all I had in there was my Debit Card, ID, gum & phone! HA! Oh and chapstick! I realize that I really don’t need much else, so why on earth am I always carrying a big purse around with me when I am not traveling?!

  3. Congrats on graduating. You mentioned you and your friend did a 15k and trail run in the past, are you doing one this trip? It sure looks like you’re up to something similar with this packing list.

  4. First on graduation– wait until you realize it’s been two years… #feelingold

    And oh man you packed way better than I would have! I need to learn to be more minimal. Also I LOVE Clif bars! I used to get them in bulk when I was home and trying to lose weight, but they’re not as easy to get here in Korea. Can’t wait to get them again soon, they helped satisfy my sweet tooth like no other.

  5. I’m impressed by your packing! I tend to over pack way too much and I end up carrying useless things. But I’m working on it every time I pack!
    I love those Clif bars too! My supermarket used to carry them but they stopped which is sad because they are hard to find in France!

    • I overpacked like CRAZY last time but we drove to Ottawa so I didn’t have to pay fees. This time we flew and I really didn’t want to pay extra so that added to it haha

  6. haha, I love your bag and the story behind how you got it–that’s so cool! 😀 I only ever travel with a carry-on unless I’m in the process of moving across the country (hah.. ._.). Snacks are a definite must with me as well, and of course, toiletries, clothes, my phone, chargers, and comfortable shoes! :]

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Montreal!

  7. I love that you run on your travels. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do it because of a back injury but I love getting up early in a foreign land and going exploring.

  8. I’m a big fan of only going carry-on when I travel (unless it’s for a work thing and then it’s not always possible). It just makes things so much easier. I do tend to bring protein bars or other snacks with me, too, and the gadgets are a must. Very impressed with how lean your packing is!

  9. I am so bad at travelling carry-on only. I really like the idea and I try, but I can never quite get it all in 🙁 I really admire anybody that can manage it. I particularly like the emphasis on food in your bag!

  10. I love flying Porter! It’s so much better than all other options (and believe me, I’ve tried them all). I know Pearson isn’t that far, but it’s just so good to be able to walk over to Billy Bishop. Plus, Air Canada staff seems to go out of their way to be rude while everyone on Porter is super nice.

  11. Interesting list. Seems like the food takes up most of the space. I usually pack clothes first and gadgets last since I need them at the top to be able to reach theme easier. Are you going for run or fun? Doesn’t seem like a present to me..more like work haha

    • Lol! I LIVE in leggings so I’d be wearing in and out regardless. We are heading for fun but running is a part of our lives so it goes into the fun column haha

  12. I must say, you are a very efficient packer! And congratulations on your graduation but I warn you, time doesn’t slow down…Heck, it feels like I graduated yesterday as well and it’s been over, GASP, 10 years!

  13. No matter how much I travel (currently a different country each month, bly me!), still need ages to pack properly 😀 So thanks for this helpful neat post, love the sporty touch to it. No need for fancy dresses and make up and stuff. What was your experience with this, did you have a good time or miss anything? Camera and tripod are also always with me, and if I can somehow make it fit, my mini travel guitar… 🙂

  14. I am still a backpack person,mostly because I travel several months at once. What i pack in carry on is mostly documents, camera, cash, some wet wipes, phone and a good book for the plane.

  15. Congrats on graduating! I remember that letter at the six month mark. Oh, student loans. Packing light is something I’m still working on. We’re currently backpacking around Eastern Europe for six months, so my bag isn’t exactly light, but it’s better than it was when we started. I thought I needed far more than I did when we first left, but now I have only what I actually need!

  16. Your snacks looks SO MUCH HEALTHIER than mine! I am all about the twizzlers in my carryon! Haha I hope you have a wonderful time in Montreal – I went a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it! Cheers!

  17. I do also pack light and I think yours is even more lighter. Which is cool. Where are on the same boat, id always have the same kind of food while traveking and I always always have wet tissue with me. It’s a must to my bag lol.

  18. I love to see what other people pack for trips. I hate checking bags, so even as a full-time traveler, I pack light enough that my bag goes in the overhead on most planes! For a long weekend, you really got it down to the minimum! Cheers!

  19. I am always amazed by people who can travel so light. I am still struggling with that 😀 I do envy you a little for your GoPro. I kinda want one in the near future. And the Clif Bars look tasty. So does that beef jerky (I think I have a small addiction).

  20. Not my passion but bravo. Seems like you enjoy running and travelling and you know your stuff. I am sure others who have similar passion will benefit from your travel bag and know what to pack, specially you seem to know a lot about what energy foods to carry

  21. This post has helped me to pack better for trips! Mind you, the trips I take usually are for more lengthy amounts of time like 1-2 months! However, packing light is always a challenge for me even for a weekend. I do like the fact you have snacks. I never remember this on domestic trips!

  22. I love it that you pack light. I pack light too. But there are three things in addition to what you have written that I always carry with me. A little bunny rabbit (stuff toy) who has been with me for 18 years and travels the world with me, a power bank and medicines.

  23. Some amazing packing details and thing I totally love is packing light. I always try to pack as light as possible.

  24. Friends since grade 9? Wow, that’s amazing and definitely a reason to celebrate. Your backpack looks comfy and spacious enough to fill up important things. And those snacks look light to carry and at the same time filling enough. Good choice of packing items.

  25. I have found too that it’s much easier to live out of a small backpack during short trips rather than carrying your whole wardrobe with you. Those snacks look delicious, they will definitely keep you going all day long and help you visit as many places as possible.

  26. Great list of stuff and items in your bag! Good that you remembered the deodorant, too many times have I forgotten that very key item and have had to seek out a shop to purchase one from! I’ve sort of started a collection now… Hope you and Jennifer have lots of fun in Montreal!

  27. First of all…congrats on your graduation. A trip is definitely a great way to celebrate it. I did the same too. 😀 I definitely would add my accessories bag…with my lens case, extra lens, sunglasses, suntan and cold cream 😀

  28. Hey, congratulations on graduating! I’m sailing in the same boat, got done with uni and taking a break and holidays with my best friends! I must say, you’re amazing at packing light! It’s hard for me to do the same as I always want to carry options and just a few extra things to be safe.

  29. So important to carry some protein bars, especially on long hikes! Deodorant is definitely on top of my list too! Thanks for making this comprehensive list of things to carry!

  30. I am impressed since you manage to fit so many things into that small backpack!!! I really need to understand your secret since every time I always pack too much!

  31. My travel bag will invariably have some chocolates and some salty snacks. These are for those moments when you are feeling low on energy and may need a sugar rush. Also a book and camera, constant companions on the go.

  32. I love your essentials! hahaha Well, the gadget thing will never be out of the list but the food… I love the ones you have inside your backpack. It sure is a long trip brining all those snacks with you.

  33. This is perfect!! I’m going to Vegas next month for Rock ‘n’ Roll and I can’t check a bag. I wasn’t really sure how to pack for it, but you’ve given me some great ideas. Have tons of fun on Montreal!

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