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The Injury Prevention Guide for Runners

Today I have another guest post from HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics regarding injury prevention. This is not a paid for or sponsored post.

The Injury Prevention Guide for Runners

In the past, we’ve covered some specific treatments which are applied at physical therapy clinics to treat common but painful running-related injuries. However, it’s important to remember that it’s you may be able to prevent these injuries all together. When it comes to injury prevention, there are two key elements that come into play: circulation and inflammation reduction. Today. we present some helpful tips that may help prevent injuries, ensuring you can enjoy those fantastic physical activities without worrying about pain or severe injuries.  


It’s important to remember to stretch both before and after any sort of physical activity. Stretching improves circulation and warms the muscles you rarely use. Remember to not just stretch the hamstrings or legs but every other muscle that you may utilize. The back, hands and neck are areas you will want to focus on before and after any physical exercises.

Keep Sore Muscles Cold

After a long run you may be sore and while a nice, steamy bath may feel comfortable, it helps increase inflammation. Instead of applying heat to sore areas, you will want to apply something cold in an effort to keep inflammation down. Never directly put ice on the skin but an ice pack is recommended when trying to cool sore muscles, or even a cold shower. As uncomfortable as it sounds, the cold is highly effective when it comes to reducing inflammation.

Wear the Right Gear

When it comes to running, you will want to wear the right gear as this is a major element to injury prevention. While it may sound obvious, please don’t ever go for a light jog in Timberlands. Wearing the proper gear for the right activity will help prevent serious injuries. If you’re worried about knee pain or other ailments associated with the legs, custom braces may be right for you. Custom braces redistribute weight, making sure there isn’t stress on one particular area of the body.

Eat Right

Maintaining a healthy diet will help prevent injuries. If you want to reduce soreness, berries for example have excellent anti-inflammatory properties that will help reduce inflammation. Apples have also been proven to reduce inflammation. Eating the proper foods and staying in shape will undoubtedly help prevent any major injuries.

Strength Based Exercises

Injuries are unfortunately a part of physical activities but a lot of injuries are caused by weak, under-utilized muscles. Strong muscles may prevent any serious injuries. If you love to run, it’s great to switch up the routine and focus on building strong leg and back muscles. Stronger muscles means that tendons and fibers connected within the body will be stronger and are less likely to tear.

QOTD: What are your tips for injury prevention?

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9 thoughts on “The Injury Prevention Guide for Runners

  1. Great tips! I probably don’t spend as much time on injury prevention as I should, but I do try to stretch, roll and take rest days.

  2. Great tips! I think strength training and flexibility training is key to injury prevention. When I was on par with those, I was never injured.

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