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Inside My Mind: THE TAPER HAS STARTED! How to Stay Motivated!

Hi! Have you missed me?! It’s been … 4 days since I’ve blogged!  It’s been a busy week for me (Russian Map Quiz today… I’m pretty sure I passed! Yay!)  Anyways, yesterday was my LAST long run!  My taper has started and I am feeling nervous.  I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated as of lately (injury + feeling a little bit burnt out from my training but that’s another post for another time) and my runs have been slower than usual and I’ve needed to take stretching breaks on my runs. So naturally, I turned to my running communities for help to stay motivated.  This is what they had to say and I have to say… I’m feeling better already!


For me it’s picturing the finish line and all those amazing runners running their own race, whether they’re trying to qualify for Boston or just hit their own PR, to running for a loved one they lost or just running for their own health. My running route is along the marathon course I’m running next weekend and I have one last long-ish run to go — thinking about the other runners gets me out the door!  – Bri from

I always think about the feeling of crossing the finish line. The ups and downs of the race go away for a moment and everything lets go. All the anxiety, tears, and pain is replaced by pride and a big smile because no matter how the race goes-you still ran a freaking marathon. – Lauren from

For me, whenever I need motivation I go watch videos on Such a good course for inspiration! You can watch pro races, workout videos, college runners and more. I love watching elite runners’ workouts. That’s what really gets me pumped to go for a run. I always watch previous marathon recaps of the race I’m running the night before a race too – Patty from

The thing I always keep in the back of my head is that the time off during the taper will leave my legs fresh for the race and that morning I will be excited because running is what I love to do. I’ve dedicated the last several months to this day and this run will be the icing on the cake. I don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying the day and listening to a special marathon mix that I make for that day. – Madeline

I like to look back in my training in my training journal and Instagram account to see how far I’ve come. It always helps me put everything in perspective about how far I’ve come in a few short months, and helps to remind me why I signed up to do this race anyways. I also like to spend a little bit of extra time during my taper (since I have more!) to make an awesome race day playlist, and pick out the perfect new race day outfit  – Annie from

And my favourite message is from Jennifer from

Last year I joined a group called Who I Run 4, I was paired up with a little boy named Jaxson.  When I am in a slump, I look at his photos, remember what he has been through with the illness he suffers from and I get out and run 4 him.  It turned running into something entirely different knowing that I am running for someone who is unable to get out there and that I have this connection with a family I have never met but I am cheering this little boy on for every surgery, physical therapy, etc that he goes through.  It is nice to give him someone else out there that is doing something for him.

So, what keeps you motivated when you’re feeling down?


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18 thoughts on “Inside My Mind: THE TAPER HAS STARTED! How to Stay Motivated!

  1. I hate the taper till after the race and I realize it was all worth it. 🙂 My motivation is thinking about the terrible races and injuries I have gotten by not tapering.

    • I really hope all of this is worth it! My appetite doesn’t seem to reflect my taper! The fear of not being ready because I ate one too many pasta bowls is setting in! haha

  2. I don’t run or anything like that but when I need to stay motivated I look at my “dream board” lol A board where I have all the things that I want to have in the next few year! Keeps me motivated and going when I feel down!

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