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It’s The Little Things … (That Annoy Me On a Run)

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When your ponytail is slightly off center.

I was beyond annoyed the other day when my ponytail was off center and kept aggressively hitting one sit of my head. Then when I tried to adjust it, it ended up swinging off beat to my run and kept smacking the right side of my head.

When the seams of your sock just doesn’t fit right

When you put on your shoe and realized the seams of your socks don’t fit right and it keeps rubbing against your foot funny. Then when you try and fix it, you learn that the seam is too long and will forever bug you.

When the tiny pebble in your shoe just don’t go away


When one shoe is a wee bit tighter than the other

Why can’t I tie my shoes perfectly?! One always seems to be tighter than the other! What have I done to deserve this?!

When your race bib is a tiny bit slanted

…and no matter how often I try to fix it, it just won’t go on straight!

QOTD: What are the little things that annoy you on your runs?


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18 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things … (That Annoy Me On a Run)

  1. When it is windy and you’re wearing a hooded sweatshirt and the ties keep swinging up and hitting you in the face.

    On the laces – that is a good reason for Lock Laces 🙂

  2. I can sympathize with the unevenly tied shoes. For me it usually starts when one comes untied in the middle of a run. I tie it back up and start running again only to realize, as you said, that my shoes now feel different and I have to stop and untie/re-tie my other shoe so it feels the same. Someday I’ll learn to just retie them both at the same time when one comes undone 😉
    Have a happy Easter weekend everyone!

  3. The pebble in the shoe is huge!! That is so annoying and I will do anything to get it out. My shoes have to be perfectly tied or else I go nuts! Such truth here! 🙂

  4. Yes, I agree with all of these! My hair is pretty fine so elastics eventually stretch out and it drives me nuts when my hair starts to slip out of its pony tail while I’m running!

  5. Haha, the seams on the sock drive me nuts. I also have a weird issue with socks where I pull them super tight around my feet. My husband makes fun of me because the heel part of the sock never is on my heel, it’s always on the back of my ankle because they’re all stretched out. But otherwise they drive me crazy if I try to run with them on like normal.

  6. I decided to switch shoes right before a race once and didn’t notice a single thing until I got home and realized that my left shoe had my orthotic in it but my right shoe didn’t have the orthotic OR EVEN THE SOCKLINER! So if I didn’t even notice THAT than probably not much else would bother me!

  7. yes, yes, and yes . . or the way a tank seems to rub under one arm and not the other. Socks that have bad elastic and that keep slipping into your shoe or down your legs. All so annoying!

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