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Learning to Accept My Body

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Not too long ago, I posted about how I had gained 20lbs and the struggles that came along with that.  While I have been working on losing the weight, I haven’t really been doing it actively. Yes, I work out but I’m not working out because I want to lose weight, I’m working out because I want to get faster at running and weight loss is just something that may or may not come with it. I’m definitely still at a phase where I’m struggle with learning to accept my body for what it is but I have had some success. Instead of letting myself be caught up in my weight, I’m working on taking a step back from it.

Here’s what I’ve been working on and I hope that by sharing this, anyone else struggle can see that hey, these extra couple of pounds are new big deal!

No One Else Notices

Seriously. I’ve asked a few people and while they may all be lying to me, they haven’t really noticed too much. Plus, they don’t care. They love me regardless. This made me realize that I haven’t noticed that my own best friend put some some weight too until she told me! While I eyeball myself with precision, I’m working on telling myself that other people really don’t notice as much as myself.

Stop Beating Yourself Up

There is no point in beating myself up over this weight gain. While I can scrutinizing every inch of my body, what good does that do for myself? Instead of staring down my body in the mirror, I can focus on someone else instead. I can focus on how I did a great core workout instead of staring at my core and being upset over its softness.

Finding Other Things to Focus On

Is being 20lbs lighter really life or death for me? Instead of focusing on that, I’ve been focusing on things like how I’m able to do a pull up, I’m now able to do push ups, my planks have been held longer, and etc. I’m focusing on what my body can do instead of how it looks.

QOTD: Do you accept your body the way it is?

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14 thoughts on “Learning to Accept My Body

  1. My wife is about 20lbs heavier than she would like to be, but her doctor isn’t concerned, and neither am I. She constantly asks about it, but no one else ever notices – and no one cares. She is healthy, present for me and our kids, ready to tackle fun stuff when we drop the older son at college and become empty nesters next week (younger one started last week) … and what else really matters?

    I really wish I was better at accepting my body … I *know* I am in the best shape of my life, that my weight is solid and where it should be … but I still have that ‘ghost of the fat kid’ that lives inside of me that wants me to push my weight lower and lower and hates the residual loose skin from all that weight. I am very lucky to have a great support system, and that I love running enough to know I need to focus on fueling – so I eat very well 🙂

  2. We are always our harshest critics. It really is the truth that nobody cares about your weight more than you do (unless you are at an unhealthy extreme, and then people are likely worried). I think that having a chronic illness has really taught me to focus on feeling well rather than looking good. Because that is so much more important.

  3. Self love is definitely not easy. But I’m glad you’re working on it.
    You’re so right that people don’t notice. I’m a Dietitian and I never notice peoples weight changes! We are always scrutinizing ourselves harder than anyone else is.

  4. YES! I just wrote about this a couple weeks ago! It’s tough to be kind to yourself sometimes… and there’s no way to be 100% okay with myself, I think, but it’s a daily struggle and the more positive you are and have focus on the things you’re doing right, the easier it is to accept it. Great Topic!

  5. This is something I’m working on every single day. I didn’t bounce back after pregnancy, despite having a very active pregnancy and getting back into my regular fitness routine as soon as I was cleared. My hips are wider, my ribs are wider, my stomach has loose skin and stretch marks and I’m probably still carrying a few extra pounds four years later. Despite doing my best to eat well and move my body, I’m not and never will be where I was pre-pregnancy. Everyday is a battle to just love myself instead of tearing myself a part. There are good days and bad days. Sometimes my negative self talk is set off by someone else’s negative self talk. Sometimes it’s set off by an unflattering photo. But every day I have this little conversation with myself that in the long run, it truly doesn’t matter because I’m still a beautiful person no matter what my body looks like. Every day I remind myself that I would never talk to a friend like this, so I should never talk to myself like this. Every day, I look down at the tattoo on my wrist that says “be kind” and remember that I got it for exactly this reason.

    • I definitely understand the negative talk offsetting it. So many conversations happen where someone will nitpick about themselves and in turn it makes me think back to the things I try not to think about. It makes me think of the scene in Mean Girls where Cady, never having nitpicked her appearance before is introduced to it. And now I’m just rambling haha…

  6. It may frustrate me sometimes, but it’s the only body I’ve got. I’m critical, I push myself to the limit and I don’t always wash my hair and my body puts up with it. When I think of it this way, I do accept and love my body!

  7. Great post. I was just talking to a trainer friend of mine and he was saying the same thing – that as he trains with women he has to really work with them about being ok with their bodies as they get stronger because sometimes that means they will gain weight.

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