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Foodie Friday: Foodventure Loaded Pierogi

This week of foodie friday, I went on a little foodventure and stopped by the newly opened Loaded Pierogi!

Foodventures with Carmy

When I found out that Loaded Pierogi had opened up a new locations in the East End of Toronto last week, I knew I had to stop by. I mean, who doesn’t like pierogies?!

fooventure: loaded pierogi toronto

For those of you who don’t know what pierogies are, a dough dumpling stuffed with a filling such as potato or cheese, typically served with onions or sour cream. Loaded Pierogi offers same hand-formed potato and onion dumplings outsourced to a local Polish family and it comes in the soft form and the fried crispy form. At first I thought the pierogies would have the ingredients stuffed inside but it was more of a poutine style where all the toppings were placed on top.

foodventure: loaded pierogi

The Gerrard location gives off a very cozy homely vibe

foodventure: loaded pierogi

Of course, I couldn’t pick between the two types of pierogies but they offered a half half option – four soft and four crispy! And of course I couldn’t decide on quite dish to order sooooo I picked three haha! Buffalo Chicken, Butter Chicken, and their Baba Classic.



SIGNATURE: BABA’S CLASSIC $8 Slow cooked caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, sour cream & chopped green onions

Definitely the one to try first if it’s your first time. It gives a great base as to what to expect for the other dishes. I’m leaning more towards the crispy one being my favourite but when it’s just the classic, both style of cooking is neck to neck! I could have used for cheese though but I’m bias and love anything and everything cheesy.


BUTTER CHICKEN $13 Authentic butter chicken sauce with slow roasted chicken breast, caramelized onions, habanero cheddar, sour cream & green onions

As a butter chicken lover who swears by La Hore Tikka – Loaded Pierogi’s butter chicken was surprisingly good! I’ve had one too many butter chicken meals where the butter chicken just wasn’t up to standard (to the point where I rarely get butter chicken outside of La Hore Tikka) but their’s tasted fresh and authentic. This one was definitely my favourite of the three.


SIGNATURE: BUFFALO CHICKEN $12.50 Crispy breaded chicken breast, tossed in our medium spiced BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, buttermilk ranch dressing, sour cream & green onions

To be honest, this one was my least favourite. I was excited for the buffalo chicken concept but it was a bit too spicy for me. My friend thought it was fine (spice level) but I felt that it could have been less spicy. He ate most of it while I stuck to the butter chicken.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Loaded Pierogi. It had a relaxing easy going vibe, the servers were friendly, and the food was delicious (despite my not liking the buffalo chicken). I’d recommend it and I’ll hopefully be heading back so I can try the Sweet Apple which was filled with sweet cheese topped with apples, cinnamon and whipped cream (I was WAY too full!).

What are your thoughts on Pierogies? Love them or hate them?

Restaurant: Loaded Pierogi
Phone: 647-348-0088
Store Hours: Open daily from 11:00am
Parking: Side street parking and there’s a mall with parking lots nearby


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  1. Those look really yummy! I’ve never been into pierogis, but mainly because my only experience with them is the stuff you can buy frozen at the grocery store. If they had no-cheese or meat ones that’s be right up my alley!

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