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Fit & Fashionable Friday: Lululemon Dupe

This week on Fit & Fashionable Friday… Lululemon Dupe for the Speed Tights!

Lululemon Dupe! Worth it?

In December, I picked up a pair of tights from Forever 21 that was a Lululemon dupe. I had already owned the Speed Tights (Brushed version) so I thought I’d compare them.

Lululemon Dupe! Worth it?

Let’s start off with the price: the Speed Tights from Lululemon are $108 and the Colorblock Side Pocket Leggings from Forever 21 are $24. A huge difference!

Lululemon Dupe! Worth it?

Both pairs have the side pocket feature. However, in the Lululemon dupe, there are two layers in each pocket. It’s difficult to see in the photo but they criss cross over each other with the outside layered pocket going down to your knee and the inside layer half way through.

Lululemon Dupe! Worth it?

However, features such as reflectivity in the cuff can be flipped up to help keep you visible and back zipper pocket were not included in the Lululemon dupe.

Lululemon Dupe! Worth it?

Although they both have a key pocket in the waist band of the leggings.

One major difference I found was that despite the Lululemon dupe from Forever 21 fitting very similar to Lululemon’s Speed Tights, when running, I found that the waist band on the Forever 21 tights tend to slip while running. The Speed Tights stay put when I run and I don’t  have to waste time or energy pulling them out while running.

Overall, I found the Lululemon dupe is be very flattering and comfortable. I loved how they layered the side pockets and I found that they look less stretched out after being used (because the fabric is thinner than the Lululemon version). The slipping waist band I can live with as it stays put while I’m just walking around (or maybe it was a fluke!). I would personally continue to buy the Lululemon Speed Tights as I absolutely love them but if I’m going to be somewhere where I think I’d be getting dirty (like sitting on the ground) but want to look cute and stay comfy, I’d be definitely be breaking out the Forever 21 ones.

 So what do you think? Would you buy the Lululemon Dupe from Forever 21 or would you stick to Lululemon?

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26 thoughts on “Fit & Fashionable Friday: Lululemon Dupe

  1. As much as spending $100 on a pair of pants KILLS me, I really do find that you get what you pay for when it comes to quality.
    I’ve been experimenting with Oiselle and Lole more as well, because they’re both brands that are very much supportive of women…

  2. I haven’t been able to check out the Forever 21 athletic wear yet, because the nearest F21 to me is like an hour away, but I plan to later this month. I find my fav lulu dupes at Winners actually and I have zero complaints. Although, full disclosure, I’ve never actually bought anything from Lululemon haha

    • ooooooh – if you haven’t tried their stuff yet, I rec bringing a million sizes to the change room with you. They’re not true to size (F21)

  3. Wow these look great! I’m guessing the f21 wouldn’t last as long as the Lulu, so I would rather spend more money on a pair that would last forever. I do like to mix high and low pants though so these would be a great addition!

  4. I’m all about frugal shopping so I’d probably check out those Forever 21 leggings – but it does really drive me crazy when the waist band slips while running. I feel like that happens with so many new workout tights I buy, and it’s hard to know if it’ll happen in advance without jogging all over the store!

  5. im pretty much on the same page as you. i would rather spend the money and have a great pair of tights that i can consistently wear and know they wont fall down haha. Also i find that F21 tights have a weird stretch to them? they dont stretch like you would expect the fabric to haha. maybe thats just me

  6. I’ve been buying Speed Tights since they first came out 4years ago! I have them in all different weights and wear them all through fall & winter running. They’ve held up great after countless washing so they’re worth it to me.

  7. I don’t love Lulu, so I’d probably go for the cheaper brand. I have no problem paying for quality though, so if I actually liked Lulu and knew they’d hold up better, I’d likely choose them.

  8. I’m usually in favor of paying a bit more for quality items, but I just can’t justify spending $100+ for a pair of running pants. I’ve paid about half that amount for quality items from Road Runner Sports that have lasted for several years, and I wear them at least once a week.

  9. Great post! I would buy the dupe for hanging out, but not for running. I have made the mistake of buying cheap (er) tights for running and it was a very bad mistake.

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  11. Really great post. I love that you compared a expensive name brand with a cheaper copy, you really show the differences (pros and cons) of both which is super helpful.

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