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March 2017 Goals

Monthly Goals with Ange and Carmy

Okay. March. Goals. This month I was chatting with Ange and really didn’t want to set goals because I was having difficulties keeping them as work-life balance is a little insane right now. How she responded really stuck with me. She pretty much told me nicely that that’s not a legitimate excuse and not hitting your goals means you have to reevaluate what isn’t working out and why it isn’t. So the last few days, I tried to figure my shit out.

Here’s my March (baby steps) game plan:

Work out for 3 hours a week

Looking at the data in my flow diary from my Polar V800 watch, it looks like I average around 2 hours of working out a week. Instead of trying to go out and running 3 times a week and adding lifting into the mix, I’m going to focus on this time goal. This way, if I can’t make a run, no biggie, I can spin instead or do a high intensity workout at home. As long as I was 3 hours worth of sweating, whether it be swimming, biking, or running, I’ll consider my goal hit 🙂

Taking care of myself

I’m uploading this blog post a lot later than I usually do because this morning I called in sick to work and had to book a last minute appointment with a chiropractor when my back decided it was just done with me. I had difficulties bending at work the day before and this morning I lost my voice and my bad was so tight, I had mobility problems. I was hoping rolling it out would help it but then later in the day, I had a pretty bad back spasm so I went to see a doctor.

This month, I’m going to focus more on taking care of myself. One of the reasons my back has been wonky is due to all the hours I spend working on the computer and sitting. I freelance on the side and pretty much spend every free moment I have doing that in addition to my part time gig and blogging which leads to most of my day being in my computer chair. This month, I’m going to voice on taking weekends off, taking more breaks throughout the day, actually stretching, and seeing my new chiropractor.  You know, not staring at the screen all day every day. My eyes have been getting tired at a quicker pace now too so I should probably go outside every once in a while when I’m working from home.

QOTD: What are your goals this month?

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Monthly Goals with Ange and Carmy

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8 thoughts on “March 2017 Goals

  1. It’s definitely super important to set time aside to take care of yourself. Glad you’re making that a priority this month!!

    x Kate

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